Sun Worship

A chill wind blows across my skin
snow is on its way and
this is a time of change

Nothing stands still
not even the fleeting moment
of writing these lines.

I watch you
and wonder how far my feet
might carry me today.

There’s no distance too great
to travel out of silence
back into the noise of now

I love the sway of
illusionary movement captured
as a cloud passes by and, I could swear
you just winked your eye.


©  Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #69
Carry on Tuesay #180

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “Sun Worship”

  1. a striking image, both the picture and the words. strangely enough we had our first snow today–quite out of the norm for us, but nor’easters are funny that way. I really liked the ending lines–the idea of the sun winking, almost as thought it knows what’s coming.

  2. Not that your previous work was deficient in any way, but I think each week your poems get better and better. This beautiful poem will stay with me for a while–thank you!

  3. “There’s no distance too great
    to travel out of silence
    back into the noise of now”

    great lines here… love the picture they bring to mind

  4. Love the peaceful feeling of this, Bren. In answer to your question about the weather here, it is not like the cold you know, but it is so warm all year round here, so when the sun is not shining this time of year and the temps drop to about the low 40’s. That is cold for me. I am a baby, I know.


  5. Yes, I too wondered how far my feet might carry me today.
    Is there snow on the way?
    Here (Spain) we have just experienced the rains of autumn and a chill.
    If there is snow (not likely) it will arrive in late January or February and that is winter. It takes so long from there to realise spring as we all feel so cold because our blood is thinned by the warmth of long summers. Rambling sorry, but your poem is of life.

  6. I love this. It’s amazing how fast things change. I was trying to get a picture the other day of a sunset and it changed between snaps (I’m slow)! Great ending.

  7. beautiful words, you pick the perfect image for them. Lovely, 😀

  8. there is no distance too great to travel out of silence…smiles..i like that…the imagery of the cloud winking is fun as well…made me smile

  9. A good wink is surely a sight, unless it is a creeper then it’s a fright. And pfft to the snow, you can keep it all over there at your show haha Oh and you are a star today, over at the cat’s bay hahahaha

  10. smiling at her winking her eye…and then…travel out of silence
    back into the noise of now…speaks of readiness after a time of re-thinking, curling up with ones own thoughts meeting life full speed again with all what it brings…i like

  11. Change is a constant and we have just got to accept it. The beauty is that acceptance is readily contrived with a wink, in a jiffy so to speak! Nicely Bren!


  12. This is a very peaceful poem, Bren.. And, so true that nothing stands still. Each second, each moment, in the blink of an eye, becomes the past. The end — with the wink of an eye — I like that. I am going to look at clouds today and smile!

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