There was no charm.
Nothing upbeat in any of this.

They’d forecast for days
that this rotten thing was on its way.
Seeing this, many folks flee straight away
others though, too old or stubborn, stay.

Key elements were all in place to enable
this event
warm sea swelling up from the depths
tumultuous skies
winds strengthening, more and more

too late to scramble then when
Sandy’s wrath finally came upon shore.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*Never in my life time have I known a single storm with winds that reached out for over 1,000 miles. I know that many of our Power line workers from the Maritimes have gone south to help the USA with getting their power lines back up and running again.
With this unpredictable climate change, it could happen to any of us, anytime.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #81

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Frankenstorm”

  1. Nature is. Nature is not human, humane or commanded. People can now step forward to aid those in need. The world continues to turn from one Ice Age to the next, will we be the next dinosaurs?

  2. The tremendous force of nature is at times a thing…NOT to be recokoned with and the sadness of so much loss is overwhelming. Well written, Bren.

  3. Bren, well-penned on this tragic event. I wasn’t able to reach my family for several days on Long Island and they luckily came away with very little damage. I wish those stupid politicians would at least agree that we have global warming. It is so frustrating. We will all be affected by this at some point. I think the volcano may explode here. Popo was very active again this week.


  4. Very scary. An Inconvenient Truth, taking place before our eyes. Will we EVER make the switch to abundant sources of clean energy??????? Argh.

  5. Yeah she was quite the mean you know what, blowing over every hut. Screwed everywhere you go, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes, geez, not fun. haha

  6. Your poem is really timely, Bren. There are important lessons to be learned from this type of extreme weather. It’s time to refocus on the phrase “climate change,” to reduce, reuse, and recycle at every opportunity we get. I personally resolve to be a bit more climate-conscious in the upcoming year.

  7. yes, it WILL. It is the times, as they should. We’ve been warned from the religious end and the secular (Go green folks) that the earth, mother nature will one day throw its wrath at us. It was indeed the superstorm and thank God it was only a category 1. When Category 2 or 3 arrives, will we be ready? How many lives will we lose? It will happen.
    —I like when you like one of my poems, yeahhh! Guess I’m getting the mojo back 🙂 Tnx!

  8. So true, Bren. Those who decide to stay in spite of all warnings to the contrary make it difficult for authorities and rescuers when they should have been cleared out before it hit.

  9. Your exploration of Sandy makes for a good read, Bren. Your statement about climate change is frightening for the truth it carries. Weather patterns are changing. I guess the number of people who ignored evacuation orders doesn’t surprise me. Stubbornness is ingrained in the human spirit deeply for some.

    I enjoyed my stop here, thanks.

  10. I’m sure those who stayed wished they hadn’t… we stayed during Ike and it was the worse thing I’ve ever been through!

  11. I am very far from the sea, now. It will probably be drought, that gets me, dry up and blow away.

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