Before and After


After the bombs
after the rockets
have hit their targets left their load
everything in and it around

The sky is now the roof
walls are barriers, no more
Bullets have torn up
wallpapered dreams
but life clings to
burned branches
determined not to fail
in will to try again


laughter follows tears
rainbows follow rain.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

* With muted sound I had the TV on this afternoon and there was a documentary on the History channel called World War 2 in HD (High Definition) I guess seeing the footage of destruction, death, severely wounded people all in graphic colour, and then seeing this picture triggered the thought process. And yet, the colours in the photograph also seems to inspire hope among the ruins of such destruction too (to me)

Shared with dVersePoets Poetics: Through the Artist’s Lens. Featuring the photography and art work of blogger SueAnn

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. laughter follows tears
    and, rainbows follow rain.

    There’s light at the end of the tunnel obviously! Nicely Bren!


  2. Day dreamer … your work is always enlightening, always. I agree with the assessment that you poem shares of war. I was glad for the explanation that shared the afternoon and how you responded. I believe war to be the greatest evil on earth. The lives that it destroys goes on threw generations affecting those who may never see war.

  3. To think this is happening as we write in Syria and elsewhere. The world has never existed without a war going on.Let’s face it we are ferocious animals and it is never going to be any different. I do not regard myself as cynical ,just a realist!

  4. “life clings to
    burned branches
    determined not to fail
    in will to try again”

    …love that resilience in life…nicely portrayed here Bren. And the way you end it is so beautiful.

  5. Hard hitting, so well written, and I was relieved for the hope in the end. I try to stay the optimistic side of humanity and it isn’t usually easy.

  6. I love the sky is the roof…that stanza is so poignant when everything is taken away there is still hope, resilience and beauty…loved that and the ending finishes it off beautifully. Very inspirational.

  7. All is better in HD even how to kill you and me, riiight! Pffft to such a thing but yeah a little hope it sure does bring.

  8. Yes, life does cling to burned branches. Life has tenacity, it seems. And somehow hope always does continue to flourish. I especially like the last stanza…with rainbows following rain!

  9. truth…after there is hope often hard to see in the moment…when the bombs are falling and the world seems to be turning upside down…there is a pretty cool rhythm to this piece bren…scary as well to think of a world at war and hopes it never happen again…

  10. this is a strong piece with a great ending… glad there’s still hope left. loved the expression ‘wallpapered dreams’… great work!

  11. Bullets have torn up
    wallpapered dreams
    but life clings to
    burned branches

    Lovely… and I really like your promises in the end.

  12. “Where there’s breath there’s hope” and out of the ashes, mankind has ever rebuilt, restored, and began again. There are scenarios where it may not happen, but we pray to never see that day. Well conceived and written poem.

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