The truth is
if someone says ‘I never lie’
it’s usually a lie.

‘I never lie. Trust me.’ I say
as I poked the pin into your effigy
even harder.
…Hope you felt it.

With a little twist here
a little twist there
(Ye Gods, I feel like dancing)
I can make you wish you’d never
been born.

I’m not really evil
but I ain’t
a saint either.
Ain’t a good witch
ain’t a bad
just don’t go and make me mad
’cause if you do
I’ll give it back thrice times to you
…maybe even more.

Hocus pocus
I’m never in fear
the spells I cast will keep
you near, just so’s I can
taunt you
(insert wicked cackle)

You ought never to have crossed me
at Stonehenge and
there’s nothing you can do to
make amends.
Choosing another witch-slut over me
why, I’ll make you both pay for eternity.

I’m telling you this ’cause
you know it’s all true

As true as I’m flying astride my broom
while on my iPhone typing.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*The prompt called for a load of BS. I tried to fulfill it… lol

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Witchcraft”

  1. Well, I would say I never intentionally lie. It is hard for me to fabricate a lie. It just doesn’t make sense to me to do so. I might not say something that I think, but I am not a very good liar. I do know some people, however, who easily lie or stretch the truth. Turn on the television right now….and the airwaves are full of them!

  2. oh, i’ve been there~ wishing i could use voodoo or witchcraft on a guy who deserved to rot in Hell! thankfully, those days are behind me.

    absolutely ADORE this, Bren!

  3. Ha, truth is I have a hard time lying. I might not say something if something is bothering me. I may say ‘nothing’ if someone asks what’s wrong and I really think they don’t want to listen….or don’t really care. Probably that is lying. If so, I am guilty….mostly of omission. Not of making myself appear grand.

  4. This is great! I love the whole witchy thing, but the last part just tops it all off perfectly. I’ll be back to read it again and laugh again then, too.

  5. Bs is grand and many a liar will try and say they aren’t lying but in that place below they will one day be frying haha

  6. Totally wonderful progression! I’m sure these words would at least strike guilt–if not fear–into the heart of the receiver.

  7. haha…a load of BS>…smiles….the world is full of liars that think they never do….smiles…you have a flying broom? i am jealous….smiles.

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