If you meet her, she’ll want you, need you. I entreat you, do beware!
A black hearted rose, wicked when wet.
She’ll dine, spit you out when all your blood she’s spent.
You’ll recognise her footsteps as along those paths she tramps
that’s why I tell you friends because the lady is a VAMP (IRE)


A bit risque but I like that song The Lady is a tramp too and… what the heck it was just Halloween.. and Kate Beckinsale is the best looking Vampire I’ve ever seen LOL

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Positive Thinking

He walks.
Stops, enjoys what he enjoys
Watching the moon still up and
I try to avoid the minefield
left behind by other visitors.

He wanders as far as the line allows

a single starling tweets from above
pretty, uplifting tunes.
So safe and yet, not safe at all from
hungry crows who sit there waiting
silent, on parallel lines.

Ancient life on fire
so beautiful, captured by me
Permitted to grow among the
concrete dead, amidst metal and plastic
where, on warmer days than these
children play so unaware of life
lost in the thrill of their moments.

A sharp tug reminds

He demands attention
pulls me up from the casual swim
of flowing waters into which I sank
most willing.

I smile at his joys.
Wants and needs so simple
…as indeed, are mine
Aware that fresh made coffee
now in the pot


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

I had to ‘Google’ what post modern poetry is. It seems it’s about nothing. Abstract thinking. Surreal. Not making any sense. lol…I hardly ever make any sense… so, here’s my effort.

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