You never know whose lived
in them and…died
Leaving our ghost’s behind
(or, so I thought)
we walked through the front door
of an empty house for sale
and a child ran all round the
ground floor open plan

Kitchen, small room, half-bath
living room
(with a river view) and long passage too
but, she fell instantly in love
when she saw the stairs.

So sensitive
I’ve always been somewhat ‘aware’
Along the passages they come and go
impalpable impressions on the air
a sense of something moving to and fro

Wasn’t long after we moved
‘things’ began happening.
The child said:
“I think we have a ghost”
Which I dismissed as silly
yet knew
she was probably speaking true.

I’d hear bangs, drawers open
or close, doors too
see flashes of movement from the
corner of my eye.

Things which were impossible
to fall, would fall.
Lights would go off and turn back on.

I didn’t want to scare the child
and each time things were happening
with her I’d tell her she was
being silly, imagining things

Until I noticed the cold chill
almost at the top of the stairs
warm before and after it, and just that spot
was cold.
Then began to see light orbs both
upstairs and downstairs
but, kept it to myself
until she told me she was seeing
them and felt that ice cold chill
on the stairs too.

One day she raced down those stairs
and told me she’d just seen her mom

they say those that have passed
try to find a way of letting us
know they’re still there

Who knows.

We moved to another new home and yet
things keep happening… still.

Bangs, things fall to the floor
for no reason.
The dog gets spooked.
We see light orbs still, feel
a presence with us
see flashes of movement
the dog’s eyes ‘follow’ something
as if seeing what we can’t
yet, we come to no harm.

I’ve always told her
it’s someone who loves us
to never be in fear.

She’s happy with that
and we have learned to just
live and let live.


© Daydreamertoo                  *All rights reserved

*After Chloe’s mom passed away, we moved from that house into another one in the same village where we lived. When I asked a friend if she knew who had lived there she told me an elderly couple. The man had died, the woman had gone into assisted housing. The ‘tiny’ room downstairs was turned into a bedroom with a half bath and shower for the man who apparently had been too ill to go upstairs anymore. When I asked my friend if he had died there, she said she wasn’t sure but didn’t think so. That’s a pic of Chloe I took when we called in to see how the decorating was going. I liked the ghost pic above it because the stairs are on the left of the house, like ours were. She’d never lived in a house with stairs before so, they were such a novelty to her. …lol
Being only nine at the time, I purposely didn’t tell Chloe about anything that happened while she was at school or out of the house so that she wasn’t spooked about living there. It was only when she persisted in telling me about things happening with her that I told her some of what I knew was happening too. Once, she told me she had seen her mom, and after all of the things happening, I couldn’t say it wasn’t true. Told her if it was anyone who wished us harm, we’d be driven out in fear, but this was as if it was someone who loves us trying to let us know they were still with us. Thankfully in the end, she didn’t seem worried at all.
We still both see light orbs in our new home, have odd bangs, feel something ‘touch’ us, like a caress here and there. Or, feel as if our hair has been lightly stroked. We’ve both learned to live with it all now.
Since I learned how to meditate and go deep into it, I do feel that our bodies earthly death is not the end of it at all. So much we don’t know or, understand. But, I do tell her to always look towards the light. Have faith in goodness, love and the higher power. It’s there, we mostly just can’t see it.

So, there’s a ‘spooky’ real life story for you’all for Halloween

Italics line was taken from the poem Haunted Houses by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Shared with With Real Toads Hallows Edge

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Haunted”

  1. Liked the seamless way you incorporated Wadsworth’s lines into your own. It certainly wasn’t obvious that they were not yours. Remarkably well crafted poem.

  2. Frankly I am scared of seeing ghosts Bren ~ But if it brings comfort and security specially if its our loved ones, then I don’t mind ~ Children, specially young ones, can see them as their minds are more open…

  3. Bren I believe you~ I think children and animals are more in tune with the spirits than us..usually~ Wow, this is something and you still have things happen…whoa! I believe you are right…good ghost and look into the light and have a friendly heart! Happy Halloween to you n’ yours~

  4. Your mention of light orbs reminded me of this.
    My mother died in August, 2007, when my youngest niece was 5. Before Christmas of that year, my sister-in-law took photos of my brother holding their then-6-year-old up to put the star on top of the Christmas tree. In one photo there was a colorful light orb right behind Julia’s head.
    They didn’t show her the picture, but after Christmas Julia told my brother, “You know, Daddy, back when I was five, there was a ball in the air. It followed me everywhere.” She was very matter-of-fact about it, so they discussed it. After some quiet talk, father and daughter both decided it would be nice if the floating ball was Nana.

  5. the dog’s eyes ‘follow’ something
    as if seeing what we can’t

    And I can see why you loved Longfellow’s italicized part! This is quite a presence to live with – and it doesn’t look like you have any other choice. ..but something stroking my hair…. oh, certainly not for the feint of heart!

  6. A gentle spirit that has remained…what a wonderful story. We lived with a ghost several years a go. It was residual because I always saw this elderly man in the same spot and he never tried to make any contact.

  7. 1st) great poem and 2nd your an amazing person 3rd your a better person than me. because, Chole would have come home from school and walked into a completely diff house or hotel. (until we sold that house :))))

  8. WOW! I so LOVED every word of this. I especially love that Chloe saw her mom and also that you feel your hair being stroked, or feel a light touch. That is beautiful. Yes, good advice, look towards the light and keep a good heart and you will stay safe. Fantastic offering for Hallowe’en, kiddo.

  9. oh i def believe in ghosts…i grew up with a graveyard int he back yard…..i have heard voices, seen things…makes it easy for me to believe….glad you got a good ghost….

  10. Wow that would be quite scary at first, but doesn’t sound so bad after a while. Just don’t go saying Beetlejuice three times or Keaton might end up on your doorstep haha

  11. I’m not sure if my comment went through! WordPress confuses me (I’m easily confused . . . )
    Anyway, it’s good to know your ghost is a friendly one and comforting to think that ‘someone’ is looking out for you.

  12. I’m glad your ghost is friendly and supportive. It’s rather nice to know that ‘someone’ is watching and caring.

  13. Wow! That’s some story. I usually have talkes with our ghosts…no…I’m sane…really! When something drops I say, “whew, be careful, that could have broken,” When there’s a scary moment I say, “knock it off!” And it seems to calm then down a litfle. 🙂

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