The Dating Game

She reached for something that wasn’t there
flattery was all it was

he told her she has beautiful eyes
(which, she does)

told her she is so pretty
(which she is)

told her he never tells any lies
so she should believe what he says
(and, she did)


he did lie
he already has a girlfriend
and, was playing her.

There is a child in everyone of us

I know that ache of disappointment
she feels, as a teen with the world about to
open and
life is full of choices

hugged her and told her
‘plenty more fish in the sea’
chalk it up to experience
he was not worthy
some other boy will be.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

My girl met another boy she didn’t know the other day and thought he was sooooo ‘hot’ They exchanged cell numbers and were texting back and forth. He told her how beautiful she was and that he has never said that to anyone else blah, blah. Turns out he already has a girlfriend and some girls who know both him and my girl have told her he is such a player.
Of course, she was so down. I told her to forget him, focus on her schooling and future career, there’s plenty of time for boys.
Teenage disappointments and boys is all new territory for me…. *Gulps. LOL

That pic was taken last semester on a field trip. Chloe is in the center.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

50 thoughts on “The Dating Game”

  1. I remember those teenage heartbreaks far too well, and you are so correct that there will be more worthy boys coming along. You’ve captured this circumstance so well in this poem.

  2. Chloe IS gorgeous! too bad she had to go through such an experience. my granddaughter had a very rough, confusing time until she met her (now) boyfriend who fortunately is a sweetheart.

    the next few years will probably be harder on you than her. {smile}

  3. How depressingly true — they reach for something that is not there. Fun to see your daughter. She is a beauty but it is hard to watch them be disappointed. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  4. Wow, a real harsh dose of reality for a young person to gulp. Glad that you’re there to offer hugs and solid advice. Sweet, strong Chloe-love the way that you enforce her beauty here.

    ps~We’re veggies over here, with an occasional cheat during pregnancies. Have to cheat a bit sometimes to make it through. Love your visits and your thoughts. 🙂

  5. The poems that reflect what we deal with in real life are among the best… give your girl a big hug from me.

  6. Ouch — my daughter is still young. These days will come. It is good yours has loving arms to help her through those pains.

  7. “chalk it up to experience” hopefully she doesn’t encounter too many experiences like this. very lovely write.

  8. This jerk thinks he’s playing the dating game, but doesn’t realize he already lost–big time. Written with great feeling, well done.

  9. As sad as this is, as true to life as this is … the whole picture (photo, poem, explanation) paints a real life picture of you and your daughter that is tender and sweet.

  10. Oh so heartrending–how is it that 40 some odd years later, those high school injuries in my heart still resonate with this? And now the helplessness as a parent–you want to fix, want to (well, I want to–smack that boy–as the blue fairy in Sleeping Beauty said “it would make ME feel better” ) But there is nothing that we can do, really–just love, that will always find a way. My empathies for you and Chloe (she is beautiful too, btw) 🙂

    1. Hi Brenda, hope I didn’t put you off with my flash of temper. I believe in the words of MLK, that if we followed the “eye for an eye” philosophy, we’d be all be blind and toothless-violence is not the answer, my momma bear instinct just doesn’t get that sometimes 🙂 Thank you so much for leaving Margaret’s name for me. We had a nice horse crazy share 🙂

  11. Boys are bastards. You can’t trust anything they say. What? oh. Yeah. I see…

  12. ah this happens, no?..when the parents are understanding and supportive..they can glide past this tricky age… enjoying healthy mind..

  13. well written, captures a hard lesson for both child and parent to get through…feels so terrible when young people face harshness and dishonesty, and one has to helplessly watch…thanks

  14. Hope this lovely girl of yours meets somebody honest and good.Not just for the dates but same policy should apply to her girlfriends as well.

  15. I have said the same to my daughter under similar circumstances–hurts though and I wish I could save them from the pain of it—

  16. oh oh…brought back some of my own teenage memories…and know that there are plenty of other boys but just want that one…ugh….hope she gets over it quickly

  17. I know, if only we could protect our young souls from that hurt. That feels a lot like frostbite. Or, if only we could teach and have better exsample for boys. In order for them to treat women better. Now, thats a dream to behold.

  18. I feel so badly for her. I was going to say that this is a rite of passage, and that it will pass. But I don’t think it does. Inside, we always harbor that child who seeks love and approval. Maybe we just get wiser at telling the real from the fake. Or not.

  19. Poor girl, Bren. She has plenty of time ahead of her, and there will be someone who is honest. I have a lot of faith in people. Nicely written.


  20. I wish I could say the nightmarish part of dating had drown my teenage years, but Alas, I’m turning 29 next week and still feel very much like Chloe’

  21. The honesty dis-honest we have to deal with on a daily / life basis. So it is and you capture it so well, especially in the reassuring parent-theticals. Good lesson ‘cause life is that good and there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Good ones, too.

  22. The world of a teenager is so full of dangerous dips and potholes. She’ll navigate them just fine though with a mom like you to guide her.

  23. Oh gosh the tears of those teenage years… ah well at least she has a great mum to lean on. That makes a world of difference. There’s a lot of nice boys out there… I know I raised one…and in the process of guiding another one into the teenage years. 🙂

  24. At least she was forewarned early in the game,and can move on. My daughter is not yet on this stage but I am always checking and asking her just in case. I am sure you will manage this stage well ~ You have a lovely girl ~

  25. so much of a teen’s life revolves around the topic of acceptance. from me and the women who have come through that part of their lives… solidarity!

  26. Well, I can really relate to this. You express the care of a Mother so well and also manage to convey the harsh world of dating. It is a minefield out there. I feel for your daughter, I have had very similar experiences. She is lucky to have a Mother who seems to have her best interests and a sharp head on her shoulders.

  27. Wonderful, heartfelt poem. You told her the right thing. By her lovely picture I can tell meeting boys will *never* be her problem. Pop-o Moskowitz

  28. oh, such hard lessons to learn at this age… what else can you do but hug and offer such good advice? she is lovely.

  29. the best advice you can give, at least she is learning these type of things now and talking to her Mom about it so your advice is golden

  30. Ugh… the teenage lovelife of girls. Mine is just beginning and all I can say is I hope she doesn’t have to go through all I did.

  31. I’m sorry, Bren. So hard to be a teenager…and lied to at any age. Just sad. One day she will meet the boy that will make her his world.

  32. Such a hard time and so easy to get excited, everything feels life changing at that age. Without the calming, centering presence of others who love us we’d all be lost, especially at that time when we take everything people say to us as true and proving or disproving our worth. She’s very fortunate to have your guidance and love.

  33. Oh, those are such difficult years. So many things to be learned as one grows up. You are right, there will be a better fish in the sea….someone WORTHY.

  34. Sad, but part of the “dating game” which I have found can be intensified with a new kind of instant intimacy and constant presence via cell. It is constant!

  35. ugh…brutal…i am glad that i am beyond this phase of life…when people will say whatever or show whatever mask to move a relationship forward…even if they are attached….stinks….if you got to tell me to believe you i probably should not…

  36. LOL good luck now, as the boys start to come around. Sucks that he was a douche bag though. If he comes near again kick him down below hahaha

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