Pet Peeves

We do not share the same toothpaste.
Being neat and tidy
cannot stand mine squeezed and left
in all angles and put back all
scrunched up.

Get tired of one sheet of paper
left on the roll and always being
the one who has to change it.

Strands of long hair, everywhere
Cupboards, drawers all left open.

I find loud, obnoxious people
bad manners just the same
Loud music in cars
impatience and lying
people who don’t pick up
after their dogs

Too many pet peeves to name

and yes,

I know I’m not perfect 🙂


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Fun prompt, thanks Mary

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

  1. Oh Bren…great photo! I so know this feeling! I love it when I find fingernails and dishes everywhere…Grrr! I do not get how people can do that just leave their stuff for others…I gave my two week notice..once. I got a lot of laughs…I was serious! ;D

  2. Perfectly re-told Bren! These just get on the nerves! The ‘beauty’ of it is that many continue to flout them and only one keeps doing the mending. Perfect pic too!


  3. Beside the toothpaste and paper role. this one gets me the most “bad manners just the same
    Loud music in cars” I, it just the RUDE! good write

  4. Ha!! Your last line cracked me up, Bren!! I also can’t stand many of the things you mention…it is getting better in some areas…I’ve got 15 years “in,” on training the male counterpart @ here!! lol Great poem and the picture…priceless perfect for this piece!!

  5. Yes, indeed… I agree with them all. The hair thing is kind of inevitable at my house bc/ both my daughter and I have such thick hair… and hers is so long.

  6. LOL. Great peeves, reminded me of some I’d forgotten because we have two bathrooms, but I get really peeved when he uses mine. “I’m just washing my hands,” he says, but then my hand towel is always damp. Ugh.
    Really enjoyed this, and the photo of the empty toilet paper roll is wonderful.

  7. I so enjoyed this. And what IS that about the Mom being the only one who knows how to change the TP roll? I have wondered that all my life. I am bothered by all the same things….mangled toothpaste tubes – yoiks!….I so relate!

  8. Now, about the toilet paper roll .. “innie” versus “outie” … that is the question … I prefer the innie version … you? Love, cat.

  9. I can relate, Bren … and more … so much that I don’t have pet peeves anymore … I just light a cigarette and forget about it … oops, there we go … pet peeve material for many others around me … coming full circle … Have a beautiful w/e, my friend … Love, cat.

  10. LOL oh I hate so much, but I can get over it. The cupboards I always have to cloe because the cats open them and I can’t use the tp on the holder because if I put it there, the cat eats it.

  11. Oh, Bren, I relate to each of your pet peeves in some way. But then again, though I hate open cupboards, I myself often have to keep fighting with myself to keep them all closed. And I hate THAT even more. LOL.

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