Pet Peeves

We do not share the same toothpaste.
Being neat and tidy
cannot stand mine squeezed and left
in all angles and put back all
scrunched up.

Get tired of one sheet of paper
left on the roll and always being
the one who has to change it.

Strands of long hair, everywhere
Cupboards, drawers all left open.

I find loud, obnoxious people
bad manners just the same
Loud music in cars
impatience and lying
people who don’t pick up
after their dogs

Too many pet peeves to name

and yes,

I know I’m not perfect 🙂


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Fun prompt, thanks Mary

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iPhone Siri

In keeping with my love of technology and gadgets, I scoured our local buy, sell, trade, websites for bargains to upgrade my cell phone. Was using an old flip top LG. Went from that to a Blackberry, now through much wheeling and dealing, got my hands on an iPhone 4s and Siri talks to me.


Chloe convinced me to get a BlackBerry and I did, but have always wondered what the fuss was about over the iPhone.
After buying and selling a few BlackBerry’s, adding a bit of profit each time, I’ve managed to go from a Bold 9900 to the iPhone 4s for just $20. And so far, I’m loving it.
For those who don’t know, Siri is the voice activated thing that you speak to and it ‘understands’ you and does what you ask. I’m having problems with it understanding my mixed up accent though. I set it for English English, it got mixed up, set it for Canadian English, same thing. Set it for American English, it’s better but, still messes up, so, I guess it’s back to typing for me.
I said to Siri the other day, “I think you are wonderful.” Her reply: “I am only here to serve you.” Freaky eh!

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