Virtual Reality

‘We have stood the winds of time and fury
we have touched death and still we live’©
maybe in the aftermath of some other life
some other place and time
truth is left to dangle
lost within the lies

we talk to machines
(which now reply)
and labor is not what it
seems anymore

we’ll live in a virtual world
where everything is neatly done
though walls may crumble
(we won’t even know)
we’ll walk on water
because dreams are our reality

Life is still everything
soon we may wonder

was it ever real.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

**The prompt at Real toads was to borrow a line from a friend’s poem and use it as inspiration to write a surrealist poem of your own.
My good friend Freewind writes poetry and short stores at several websites including Hub Pages and also Opendiary The first line of my poem is a line from her poem at Opendiary entitled ‘My Sweet’©  but her diary there is set to be seen by friends only.

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