The shy young boy took shelter behind
thick baskets of fern. Silent, watching as a
street artist and his monkey
turned the handle to play an organ
for the good folks outside the
Parisian café
(even if it was just for peanuts)

All happening on a friend’s recommend
with a hand drawn map as guide
they’d left their hotel,  had walked
a score of busy blocks or more
on his father’s quest to find and study
the finest hand made cabinet
which was both sturdy and, pleasing
to the eye.
It was his job you see, and
young Thomas Chippendale
already had the love of
touch, smell and working with wood
in his head and, from the smile on his face
knew it was also what he would do one day too
but his would be the best.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

*Although Thomas Chippendale  is very real and, also very famous for his fine Georgian period furniture , this is all fantasy which sprang from the word ‘cabinet’

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #79

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

15 thoughts on “Chippendale”

  1. Your writing is amazing. One of these days I’d like to join You all for these sunday prompts.

  2. Bren, this is wonderful. I love the fact that you chose chippendale as the theme. Never would have thought of that in a million years, you creative lady.


  3. You never cease to amaze! I love where the words took your story this week. I am a huge fan of Chippendale furniture. The chest/desk you featured is lovely. I could not manage to fit cabinet in my poem. I applaud you!

  4. Never was handy with wood, can do it though, unlike your flow where the chippendale who’s not a stripper, at least that we know, can tackle wood better than most one knows.

  5. Chippendale…those bawdy young men…makes me wonder if the chipmunks Chip and Dale were so named to entertain adults as they watched cartoons with their children…as most cartoons are/were adult satire? Anyway with all that said I really enjoyed this piece. When I’m not using my hands to write I am often crafting. Yarn, polymer clay…small stuff. I have a few older dark cherry wood pieces and marvel at their construction every time I see them.

    I like how you captured the artistic senses within your verse. Funny how one word often takes a dominate role and leads the pieces we write. Thanks for your visit.

  6. A lovely idea beautifully realised. I didn’t manage to use cabinet – shameful when you think what a good cabinet maker my Jock is!

  7. I have to admit when I saw Chippendale in the title, I remembered a time in college when I saw some very good-looking, muscular men dance before me. = )

  8. Can almost smell that fine wood…the words are used so well I nearly couldn’t spot them, Bren. Great snippet of time and character!

  9. a pretty cool tale you spun…i had a kid i worked with up in MD that loved working with wood…to watch him took me back to my great uncle who i cared for as a youth when he was in his waning days…a summer that is vivid in my own life….so you brought me back to some beautiful places today…

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