She used to play at ‘dress up’ all the time
either with her best friends or, alone.

Repeated my not-so-bad swear words
and, I’d blush for ever having
let her hear me say them.

I didn’t know that children are
such accomplished actors
until I began to use the word
then came the automatic water works
as if someone had turned a
non-stop dripping tap on.

The down-turned mouth
the sadness,
all so, so believable
until I’d cave in
and instantly triumphant
she’d shout:
“I win!”

Then, I knew I’d been had
and named her Diva.
Told her if she ever became an
actress she was bound to win
an Oscar one day
(explained what an Oscar is)

She is still very much a Diva
only now, so much more


©Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Since I learned how good she can be at it, my nickname for Chloe has always been Diva Chloe. In our old house, when she was nine, she had a habit of rushing off upstairs and would shout down to me not to look until she was ready. One day, she came down dressed up in these pictures. He best friend called to chat with her and I just had to get the camera out and take her picture. She said to her friend. “Oh wait a minute, I think I have to POSE.”  Those are white socks on her hands!
I couldn’t see for laughing.  She still cracks me up at times too. I hope she never sees this…LOL

Yes Mary all the world’s a stage and I have my very own actress on mine…. 🙂

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “Diva”

  1. even though i recognize i’m being played, my granddaughter can still manipulate me with her tears. {smile} aren’t you glad you took pictures that day?

  2. ” didn’t know that children are
    such accomplished actors
    until I began to use the word

    Ha ha! Lovely to see the pictures of her on stage! (Careful puppy, get off the phone!)

  3. I love this glimpse into your real life. We don’t often share these in this cyber-cafe, so am thrilled to have read yours today. Too much fun!

  4. Kids have a way of making some wonderful acts which come naturally. It would be fun to watch them grow and acting out their talents. Nicely Bren!


  5. smiles…as a kid i loved to dress up and play as well…think it’s cool to slip into someone else’s role…and a good training to understand people that are different from us

  6. What a treasure. I like the relentless image you use with the tap. I think that she might be delighted to see you sharing this piece.

  7. Ahhh, she was and still, is am sure beautiful. And that little dog seems like it might have been a diva or divo too. :)))

  8. I love the way you wrote this and chances are they will not read any of our stuff until long after we are all gone. But it is a shame they ever have to grow up. Then it gets worse, we taught them to be independent and get their own lives. Time, there is never enough!

  9. haha she looks to be having a grand old time. I think the pup is jealous of the attention or just wants another phone dime. And you let her hear you say bloody hell? hahaha be funny watching a kid going around and saying that.

  10. Oh, my Zoe does this too! In fact, I encouraged it once when we had to go to the emergency room for stitches for her. I said– “Honey, if you cry really loudly on our way in, they will take you right away.” She was 10 at the time. She carried on very convincingly, and got her stitches done right away 😉

  11. That looks so fun..My daughter does this all the time that is why she is so slow when she dresses up ~

    You must try Bosc pears in your pumpkin soup….heavenly taste ~

  12. Bren, this is really fun. You do have your own actress, and she has her own stage. Those are priceless photos, and who knows….Chloe just MAY win an Oscar some day! If nothing else, she can dream.

  13. haha….yes, my oldest knows how to play this game…we are trying to curb it a bit actually….haha, i think i have to pose…smiles…too fun…we have a whole tub of things to play dress up with….we have collected peoples old costumes and stuff…they dont play it as much now…i guess that time passes huh?

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