Women in Binders

I’ve never been one to delve too much into the kinky side of things. Having suffered from it for long enough, pain does nothing for me at all, neither inflicting it or, feeling it. Being  claustrophobic, handcuffs have never appealed either but, this is a new and kinky sounding one to me.
Women in binders.


I am neutral on who I think should win but…. this was too good to resist. Haha

G-Man`s Friday Flash 55

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12 thoughts on “Women in Binders”

  1. I think the commenters here before me need not worry. We may make jokes, but I think most women are well aware of the real issues. But laughter helps. Otherwise, it’s just too depressing.

  2. Pretty sad how such a dumb comments is the talk of the town, drawing away from actual issues. But that is what one gets I suppose when dealing with such ummm errr idiots haha

  3. I KNOW you meant it for fun, and even if you do take a different viewpoint than me, that is OK (as long as you don’t vote ;P Seriously, it was funny, BUT I am perplexed that women would find this offensive. I actually believe most don’t and will see through the political games. (the Bill Clinton joke above is very funny, too 🙂

  4. LOL….I was like oh no where is this going. This is funny….He and Obama have a bad case of footitist I’m afraid. Have a great weekend

  5. DD2…?
    You’ve been exposed to Kink?
    Maybe that would make for an interesting post.
    But as far as Romney is concerned, I was thinking of that Geisha foot binding thing.
    Loved your fetish 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Oh come on!!!! It is awesome he asked for women to be a part of his staff! It wasn’t a tiny paper folder…. there were binders of women out there with qualifications that were amazing! This is an example of twisting and scratching at something that just has NO merit.

    You watch, he will have an AWESOME staff when he is President! 🙂

  7. oy…and people will just overlook and only see what they want….we call that blinders….smiles….our politicians are crazy….as we are to put them in the position…

  8. Well, on Facebook someone showed a picture of Romney making his infamous comment; and there was Bill Clinton rushing forward and saying something like: “Women in binders? Let me at them.”

    But actually, all joking aside, I really don’t like the fact that inconsequential comments sometimes assume more importance than statements on real issues. But, of course, that’s politics.

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