What bliss!
What happiness can exist in pure silence.

Peace sits well with silence
the music plays, light

offering reflection inside
each note.

Elusive sensations rise

There is more to life than we
may ever know or understand


lost in free flight.

A feather in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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Women in Binders

I’ve never been one to delve too much into the kinky side of things. Having suffered from it for long enough, pain does nothing for me at all, neither inflicting it or, feeling it. Being  claustrophobic, handcuffs have never appealed either but, this is a new and kinky sounding one to me.
Women in binders.


I am neutral on who I think should win but…. this was too good to resist. Haha

G-Man`s Friday Flash 55