All roads lead Home

You always come to me softly
in the softest notes I can find
to play at end of day
to reverberate the strings of my heart
touch the deepest parts which
still see me yearn.

I swim through life’s winding lanes
sometimes upstream others
never knowing if the next wave
will swamp or lift
to crest and seek another which
carry further along.

How far would you go?

Each time I think I’ve reached my own
the destination changes and
off we swim again


Logic dictates, that eventually
all roads lead to home.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Enjambment

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “All roads lead Home”

  1. Logic dictates, that eventually
    all roads lead to home.

    Yes we need not be unduly worried over things which eventually will fall into place as long as we keep our head. Nicely Bren!


  2. “I swim through life’s winding lanes” … you can say that again! mine are rough, rugged and untarred roads 😦 … yet I keep my hopeful sights on the endless horizon.

    Love piece 🙂

  3. I could not comment earlier….this is lovely and one hopes there more smooth waters along the way and less rapids…

  4. Once long ago when I was out finding myself, my oldest daughter….then not quite a grown woman….gave me a card that said something quite the same…”you always find your way home”. She was so young but understood so much even then. Beautiful write.

  5. ugh…talking about home….i’m so far from home…and will be for another three weeks…so very felt piece…brought to mind…where ever i lay my hat that’s my home…ha…if it were that easy…and totally cool pic

  6. That is very true, all roads lead on back, even when life gives flack. Back home we find ourselves. Although swimming in cement I never tried, that pic makes it looks like a fun ride. Unless he’s stuck, then one would just shout ummm duck.

  7. these lanes we travel…some times gravel
    smooth sailing through a concrete jungle
    or road rash in the burbs
    life’s trails, roads sailed
    back stroke through the black top


  8. Love the contrast between swimming and the road. Really cool picture, too.

  9. all roads lead home…or rome…ha…i wish they all did…mine did though at one point i would have wondered….we are where we are you know…and that is best….smiles.

  10. If only the ones who “always come to me softly” could answer the narrator’s question, I suspect “home” would be the answer. Nicely spaced and paced and embraced.

  11. Yes, it does seem that though we swim one way and then another, upstream a while and then down, we eventually end up in the place we are meant to be —– HOME!

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