Light and Shadows

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Light and shadows play across the room
branches from a tree seem intent on reaching right
in through the window

Darkness arrives to rattle the senses
and a steady stream of thought
refuses to slow down
enough for sleep
and soon you know this night
will never end

a mind-walk into the light
can calm and soothe the troubles
Take away that sharp edge of nerves
about what an uncertain future holds.

I used to fear what hid in
darkness and in shadows
but not anymore.

Hell is not the place we may
go to when we’re dead
sometimes it’s already here
among the living.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*My mind wandered all over the place with this. Had a huge unexpected expense with the car yesterday. For a while it
triggered that old fear of the ‘what if’ in my mind. When you are on a really tight budget  and you know you just cannot afford any extra expense and something like this crops up, it kind of knocks the wind out of your sails for a while but, life is what it is and, we go on.

Shared with Poetry Jam Shadows
Three Word Wednesday CCC1X: Calm, Know, Rattle.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Light and Shadows”

  1. Yes hell is among the living. I’ve seen it so many times. I like the idea that darkness brings a manic impetus to think. If one can’t find rest in darkness, when can one find rest?

  2. and so often something like the unexpected expense that hits so hard now is, at most, a footnote in twenty years. an excellent take on the prompt, Bren!

  3. you really painted a vivid image; I could feel the shadows reaching out, hear the tirade of thoughts, and itch for the calm to wash over me.

  4. Those nagging “what ifs” can certainly cast a shadow onto our lives, but shadows tend to be fleeting things and will eventually pass. Great images in this and a killer ending! Nice!

  5. great lines full of imagination….I loved reading every line…how you carried that spooky feeling to a calm end……

  6. really cool look at shadows here. They’ve always fascinated me and you did a great job looking at them from a number of angles here. Really enjoyed this. Thanks

  7. All things will pass, what is on the card now will seem miniscule in a few years time. Mind you thinking about it the dark doesn’t help.

  8. Brenda, whoof! Those expenses do knock the wind out of your sails, you recovered nicely 🙂 Wonderful poem, especially:

    a mind-walk into the light
    can calm and soothe the troubles
    Take away that sharp edge of nerves
    about what an uncertain future holds.

    This definitely resonated with me. That phrase “mind-walk into the light” is perfect! Sometimes you gotta go for a mental stroll and talk yourself down. Wishing for another type of wind–as in “windfall” for you 🙂

  9. I still could be convinced to fear what is hidden in the dark and shadows. I agree with you that there are aspects of hell on earth as well! Lots of thought here, Bren.

  10. When unexpected expenses crop up – that’s what credit cards are for. What’s really scary is when you can no longer pay them off, even over time.

  11. oh heck yeah….i agree hell is a place on earth…or can be….i dont fear the dark all that much…used to go caving and down below it is darker than what we consider dark when no light can get it…that is pretty freaky….and i dont fear the darkness in people either….

  12. I like this response to my shadows prompt. The shadow of the branches reaching in grabbed me right away in this. Excellent use of images to convey mood throughout.

  13. I do believe that… I do believe that this is our hell. We can choose to make it more so, or we can choose to make the best of it.

  14. Wonderful poem, Bren … reminds me of one of my favourite authors ever … Hoimer von Ditfurth and his book “Children Of the Universe” …. You might like it … Love, cat

  15. true we all feel like this sometimes that we are already in hell. sorry that that happened to you hope you get a yang to your ying and get an unexpected windfall.

  16. My thoughts were running in a similar track today, Bren. Excellent work bringing all of these thoughts into words.

  17. I so totally know, Bren. When there is no money for unexpected disasters, and they come anyway, it is a blow. Your poem is beautiful. I especially love the closing lines.

  18. Yeah no matter if we have everything paid off and think we are sitting pretty, boom, something else ALWAYS comes along, hate it. But we must go on, even with 2000 vets bills haha

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