Primary succession

Warmed by the sun
cooled in the shade
immovable forever
and impenetrable
or, so it seemed
But when there is a will to live
life has a way of being stubborn.

it flew in on the wind
or, was dropped by a passing bird
there on the surface where
it too remained
warmed by the sun
cooled in the shade

in need of not much earth
to sustain
and watered by rain to

Soon it grew roots which
pushed their eager way
into all the minuscule crevices
which then shape-shifted and split
accommodating room
and, from nothing
grown into something
the tree was born

tall, but supple
and when the wind blows
it will pass its own new seed along
through time’s enduring.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

35 thoughts on “Primary succession”

  1. aloha DayDreamerToo – you’ve caught the spirit of trees that i appreciate in bonsai. the image is a beauty and your description sounds to me like a classic root-over-rock style (in bonsai). cool. aloha.

  2. It is so very true. A wonder where things will grow…in the tiniest of place a seed will plant itself and there you have beautiful images unfurl.

  3. Lovely photo and poem. It’s amazing how nature has a way to get through even stones and thrive. Nice metaphor for the strength of human nature, too. 🙂

  4. So many times I’ve wondered at a plant growing in the most unlikely place… love those. So nice you stopped to pay them homage 🙂

  5. That was a lovely wisp to mind. It activated my imagination. Love this

  6. Thanks for nature still doing its thing … Thanks for writing this , Bren … Love you, c.

  7. really cool narrative in verse here. Love the tone throughout, and some incredible lines that incite reflection. Great read. Thanks

  8. Reminds me of the chestnut tree in the Sea-Wind, standing strong and alone on that craggy cliff. Like real love, nothing can destroy it but the love itself. Seeds filter into the wind and its existence is ever renewed.
    (Gone back to writing at sometimes. I don’t like FB and OD is too unstable right now. Was out night hunting again, seems where there was one coyote, there are more. No kill this time but Reesa, C’s dog, left a few marks on it I am sure. Cats all safe and with the drops of rain, tracking is next to nil. Thank heavens I have a lot of bullets and good watch dogs.) I love this piece. Blessings, A.

  9. But when there is a will to live
    life has a way of being stubborn…oh and i love that it is exactly like that…beautifully captured bren..and then the spreading seeds…

  10. I love the timelessness of this… nature is a force that never ceases to amaze me, and the strength of trees in particular always inspires me. love this!

  11. It’s amazing how these can survive in trying conditions. You’ve so cleverly brought awareness of their tenacity. Beautiful verse Bren!


  12. Nice. I wish I could have that kind of perseverance. The picture is great, and so is the poem.

  13. I adore this one, where I live there are trees that just seem to hang on sandstone cliffs…it always enthralls me where life will flourish… I love the resilience of life…thanks for sharing this one such a treat!

  14. Yes, I love this weird crevices of growth. You capture beautifully. (I did one about a fern from angel’s ear in cemetery, but this about the tree just lovely.) k.

  15. “But when there is a will to live
    life has a way of being stubborn.”

    absolutely adore these lines.
    wonderfully written!

  16. Wonderful poetry to express this image, Bren…I just love that portion that describes the way roots find minuscule crevices…and your ending…poignant writing!

  17. There is always such an unassuming way about your writing that truly invites the reader in…this is no different, as we get a beautiful look at life thru your pen…wonderful work!

  18. Oh, these trees at the edge, whether a cliff, the treeline, or other fine lines, have always inspired me tremendously. How beautiful to find them honored in your poetry. Empowering and lovely, thank you!

  19. This is so nice. I really like it and the photo as well. It’s amazing how things can grow where you don’t think they can.

  20. smiles…it is pretty cool how a tree is born sometimes in the most harsh of circumstances…esp up in the mountains i have found them in amazing places…..and they will pass that on to the next as well when they let their seed go….

  21. I enjoyed this, Bren. Nature does find a way, doesn’t it? Just yesterday when we walked there was a dandelion growing right in the middle of blacktop. How it got rooted, who knows! I love the persistence of seeds, which always find a way to grow.

  22. With that will not even those above can kill, all it takes is a little time and even a tree can sprout from the grime. Eerr um rock, didn’t rhyme, so no shock.

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