In fading light
deeper thunder crashes
Lightening flashes
across my blink of eyes

Time shifts to childhood
no excuses were needed
to splosh through puddles
others joined
to stand ‘neath umbrella
whilst I come into my element
inherit all the rain
as mine.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The Sunday Whirl #78
Poets United Pantry #119

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

30 thoughts on “Puddles”

  1. Like this one, Bren. My youngest grandson, Kade, decided it would be fun to play in the puddles in the rain. He got sick and told me on the phone “I have something wrong with my head. I have a fever.” He’s all grown up at four and when I said he needs to stay in when it rains he replied, “yes, Mam. I love you.” Children and childhood always remain the same.

  2. Bren- although I did not have a childhood of puddle jumping, your poem speaks to my heart about the child in me that is learning to jump in puddles now. We find things in our time. I love the possibilities in this poem.

    On another note, I just wanted to let you know that your comment on my wordle triggered something for me. I do not see an email for you so I will leave it here.-You said ,”a touch of nostalgic sadness and yet, it’s wistful and hope filled, there is a feeling of a fleeting ‘something’ about it that is neither happy nor sad, it just is.” This comment help me to see once again what I am doing many times when I write. Finding the line between sadness and hope, in acceptance and gratitude. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Inherit it all–the rain and thunder and puddle and umbrella and the memory of the moment and the dream of the memory and the poem in which you give us the gift.

  4. puddles are deep and mine when i find one… love the thought of deep puddles belonging to someone…

  5. Hi Brenda! A wonderful splash through those puddle memories–love that 🙂 really love that last line “inherit the rain as all mine” gave me that conspiratorial little girl smile…

  6. i adore those last three lines… coming into one’s element… embracing the gifts and blessings. This is a perfectly paced, just-long-enough poem. Lovely.

  7. YES! We have been a long time without rain here and so, when it finally came, today, it was so welcome. I so love “I…inherit the rain as all mine….”

  8. Daydreamertoo,

    Your beautiful words bring me right back to enjoyable days of great simplicity; when enjoyment was fun and free:)

    Thank you for your kind comment at my poem:)


  9. inherit all the rain as mine….love that…and i love playing in puddles still…smiles…keep that childhood alive….smiles.

  10. I am a water baby…I think if I could breath under water I’d be living there now. Surly we can share the rain?

    Thanks for your visit. I always wonder where I’m going to go…some weeks I start with a direction and others I’m not so sure. And then the list comes out and we get to dance in the puddles of our imaginations…

  11. A beautiful poem of childhood experience, Bren. And, for sure, children needed no excuses to slosh through those puddles.

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