Whose got the Bird

Couldn’t resist this.
Elections seem to go on forever and once over, they then watch the polls to make sure Joe Public stays happy with all their newly broken promises. I have my opinion but say I’m neutral. I just hope a lot of people on Facebook are still ‘friends’ when the dust has settled.


G-Man’s Friday Flash 55

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Whose got the Bird”

  1. Hahaahahahhahhahhaa….great photoshop!!! Truly blend in, great job! Talking about Facebook, I just UNFRIEND someone , never know you can even to that. LOL a very illustrative 55! Mine is here

  2. Ha, I just heard today that Big Bird is the #1 Halloween costume out there this year. Now that is impressive. LOL.

  3. Point! ANd te ones with Hilary are the best. But there is So much in-group one-ups-man-ship that one has to sift through the posts for anything important. I sort of wrote about that very thing today in “She also serves . . . “

  4. Politics on Facebook Yuuuck- this coming from someone who has way too many opinionated politicians in her family. However I love what Big Bird
    was wrangled into with this photo. Heh heh, poor guy never knows where he may show up! Thanks.

  5. You should be on Meet The Press!!!
    Great observation, great creativity.
    Loved your Politico 55 DD2
    Thanks for playing, thanks for being early…:p
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. This is great! (Gotta love photoshop.) I have made it practically a mission to responsibly engage at Facebook with my friends and family who are opposite me politically. I can tell that they are working on it too.

  7. with all their newly broken promises…ha…eah they will promise you the world and speak out both sides of their mouth to get the vote…but…

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