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Three jars of Ragu
red, yellow green and orange peppers
three big cans of diced tomato’s
three cans of mixed vegetables
minced beef and a few more things.

Beef cooking slowly
I stir
write a little
stir some more
until absolutely sure the beef’s
cooked right through

Throw everything else in
add some gravy mix
soy sauce too, seasoning to take away
the over-powering tomato look and taste
and cook it on the lowest heat
for the longest time
maybe three hours or more.

Taste a bit
add more pepper, a little more soy
when I’m satisfied it cannot be
improved on anymore
let it cool for long enough
and transfer to empty jars to freeze.


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Some people love to cook, I am not one of them. I cook because I have to, not because I want to. Chloe has always hated vegetables and it used to be such a fight with her to get her to eat them so, once Cathie had taught me how to make a huge saucepan of it, I used to throw cans of mixed vegetables into a spaghetti sauce so that I knew Chloe was at least getting some, even if they were disguised. People would say to me: ‘You don’t put vegetables in spaghetti!’ ….Well who says you don’t! … I do 🙂
She bought her best (boy) friend home the other night and I asked if he wanted to stay for supper. I gave them my spaghetti sauce over pasta with some toasted garlic bread and he said it was the best he’s ever eaten, apart from in restaurants. Lovely boy 🙂 That made me really smile.
I keep about 10 empty Ragu jars and let the sauce cool down enough, then fill them up and freeze it all. When wanted, I thaw one out and makes such a quick, hot meal as we go through the late autumn and winter months.
Just made a new batch of it a few days ago. Chloe’s verdict was… to scrape the dish clean…lol

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