Foxy Lady

© thorsten-milse-red-fox-churchill-manitoba-Canada

For you,
I would stop the world’s madness and greed
if I could.

Such beauty
and you have every right to be here
as much as we

Wild in your living
exactly as your life is meant to be.

I hate to think of you hunted
if, it is by natives of the regions
who respect your life
but also need the death of you to survive
then that is the way of the world
survival of the fittest
I cannot abide the thought of
yours or any other creatures
reckless slaughter
so women thousands of miles away
can wear your fur
and claim themselves as beauty

Your life is far more beautiful
to me than your death
hanging around their necks.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

As an animal lover, I have to say I hate any animals being slaughtered just so that women can boast that they wear real fur when most people can’t tell the difference between fake fur or not anyway.

Shared with With Real Toads  Hannah’s Transforming Friday

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “Foxy Lady”

  1. Amen! Very well penned (or typed). I live out in the middle of nowhere and occasionally see a fox. It’s always a treat, though we don’t have many here because of our large coyote population.

  2. You make the point very compellingly indeed, but just in case anyone doesn’t get it, the image hammers it home. Sometimes it takes a bit of brute force. Together – poem and image – they seem unstoppable. (I wonder!)

  3. I love you opening stanza, and love the total devotion to the fox’s cause that it endorses. Pictures such as the one you showed last fill me with unmitigated fury, that something so beautiful could be rendered so ugly.

  4. Never have been one to feel it is right to take lives of animals and to sell their fur for such use. Living life to show one’s status is not living at all. Thanks for a great write, Bren.

  5. Awful picture!! The heads too? Who would wear it? I can’t even eat a cooked fish if the head is attached. But your fox poem, ah! I have seen the fur on one or two rushing across a field and I can attest to the beauty and joy of life.

  6. Oh I SO agree with you, kiddo. Hopefully people are more aware now than fifty years ago when that was considered the height of luxury. We are a barbaric species. Its life is far more beautiful to me, too.

  7. i feel you bren…i love seeing animals in the wild….zoos make me sad a bit and furs, ugh….dont see them as much down here these days….i would much rather see them in the wild any day

  8. I hate how women can just walk around wearing a poor dead animal 😦 It is awful! 😦 But I love this piece and how you captured the beauty of a fox… they are such amazing creatures 🙂

  9. I’m also sickened by this pointless destruction and pillaging of the beautiful creatures of this earth.

    Bren, you really capture the heart of the matter and so creatively…Thank you.

    So glad for your offering for Real Toads Transforming Friday prompt!! 🙂

  10. Yeah it is so stupid, these rich snobs need to walk around with real animal fur, when no one gives a crap if it is real of fake but other rich snobs.

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