Foxy Lady

© thorsten-milse-red-fox-churchill-manitoba-Canada

For you,
I would stop the world’s madness and greed
if I could.

Such beauty
and you have every right to be here
as much as we

Wild in your living
exactly as your life is meant to be.

I hate to think of you hunted
if, it is by natives of the regions
who respect your life
but also need the death of you to survive
then that is the way of the world
survival of the fittest
I cannot abide the thought of
yours or any other creatures
reckless slaughter
so women thousands of miles away
can wear your fur
and claim themselves as beauty

Your life is far more beautiful
to me than your death
hanging around their necks.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

As an animal lover, I have to say I hate any animals being slaughtered just so that women can boast that they wear real fur when most people can’t tell the difference between fake fur or not anyway.

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Thanksgiving Bren Style

We’ve never ‘done’ thanksgiving in the UK so, it was new to me to celebrate it here. Thanksgiving is this Monday in Canada. Neither of us likes Turkey and I hate cooking too. Asked my teen what she wants for Thanksgiving meal and she said: “Can we have Hot chicken sandwiches, and cheesecake for desert?


I can make a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings (at a push, which would take me many hours) but when neither of us likes it, why go to the trouble. Just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s law so…
Hot chicken sandwiches and cheesecake it is!~!  I’m a happy bunny…:)

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