A World without Walls

Weaving words together
a patchwork quilt of life
we connect to the net via lines
which (to some) have become
their own real life-lines

but, are we the spider or
are we the fly?

We used to need billions
of wires, cables and things
now we connect through invisible

Strings of on-going wonder.

We’ve opened so many windows
where knowledge freely flows
and, running compatible versions
meet and greet each other in this
virtual reality.

The dog looks me in the eye
…he wants
yet, I have seen to his all needs
now wish to see to mine.

The softest sound
is the click of my pen
as I ready nib for paper
It’s satisfying to fill empty lines
even with scribbles from this
wandering mind.

Strange how the past can touch
the present and even the future if
we don’t pack it into a box
label it:
‘To be visited again…one day’
put it away

wouldn’t it be wonderful
if instead of opening windows
we could have a
world without walls.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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