Love to Hate

She was ripe
ripe for the picking
vulnerable in her need
…and you knew

Drew her into you
a willing moth
to deadly flame.

She is all the goodness
you will never be
dressed in little more than rags
yet, so filled with dignity
even kings would ‘see’ her beauty

even though with angry words
and hateful deeds you hurt
Lacerate her heart with wounds
which cut so deep it bleeds
still, she loves and thinks
she needs you to be

If only she knew how much
hatred has turned your own
heart dark.

Yes, she is all the goodness
that you will never be
and one day she’ll
rise above all this
for she’ll open her eyes
and see this is not how love
is ever supposed to be
and she will make a
new destiny.


© Daydreamertoo    *All right reserved

*The prompt at Poetry Jam called for something we love to hate…
Well, it may be cheating a little but, I love to see love and hate to see hate 🙂 I also hate relationship abuse of any kind.

Shared with Three Word Wednesday Dignity, Lacerate, Ripe
Poetry Jam Love-Hate