Contemplating Life

A bit like:
‘Why did the chicken’
they cross the road around
the same time year after year
the grass is always greener.
Wishful thinking?

Cringing at the thought of crunching
I zig zag like a drunk driver would
but, it’s safe to do it here without
fear of causing harm or, calamity.

This may be their last escape
before death comes calling
everything has a reason for existing
…even them.

Zig zags back and forth completed
seeing no more
my gaze falls upon the trees
on either side of the road
Yes, autumn is in full swing now
colours so vibrant at their last
and suddenly I see the one lone
fire tree
bright bright red, colour of my passion
touch my heart and smile
remember waking up to the magic
of life, thank the Gods and you
for opening my eyes

I think of all the caterpillars
that I didn’t just kill and
thrill at the marvel of creation
as I drive a few more miles.


© Daydreamertoo      All rights reserved

*Yes, I do zig zag to not run over caterpillars crossing the road. As long as there is no other traffic on the road at the time.  Crazy… maybe.. lol

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

42 thoughts on “Contemplating Life”

  1. i was just talking with someone about caterpillars! {i always want to spell it ‘catapillars’ as the other reminds me of heavy equipment!}

    beautiful to appreciate all that life has to offer, Bren!

  2. I wish we had fire trees here but we don’t…too far south. I don’t know about caterpillars or bugs but I do try to avoid small animals, big animals, snakes, too, and any living thing if I can. The night I killed the doe with the Jag just broke my heart. I am a “Bambi” person but I had no choice. That English car was so solid that I had to show C the deer to prove I hit her. I also got wrote up at work for being late. It did not matter as much as the despair and sadness I felt at hurting such a lovely, gentle creature.
    It did make me contemplate life!
    Sorry, darling friend, but so much has been going on that I have hardly been here to comment, also so at OD. I am glad I can still read your wonderful writing. Hugs, A.

  3. If you’re crazy, we may meet in some kind of crazy heaven, ’cause I do the same. What a nice write about autumn. One of the best I’ve read.

    Take care.

  4. those are some lucky caterpillars. that fire tree sounds quite breathtaking.

    nice verse!

  5. This made me smile, Bren. I live where, seasonally, toads, lizards, bunnies, butterflies, caterpillars… literally litter the quiet roads. Like you, I zig-zag. LIke you, I feel good about it!

  6. Ha, I do the same things for frogs… love the way you lead us down the page without revealing the caterpillars until the end. Perfect.

  7. I don’t think I could spot a caterpillar on the road to zig zag around him…but if I did I would… love the picture… Autumn sounds wonderful in your part of the world.

  8. Oh, sweet. You’re right. Every critter has a right to its life, even caterpillars. I’m sure “survival of the fittest” wasn’t meant to include cars.

  9. Gorgeous image, reflecting the fact that “everything has a reason for existing”. I’m so happy that you have identified your passion with the color of fire. So lovely that you appreciate the whole of nature. 🙂

  10. You swerve to avoid caterpillars? That is so sweet and what an honorable tribute to life. I enjoyed this very much. Where I live it is still HOT and autumn doesn’t appear to be even close to coming and so I enjoy taking a little detour with you. What a beautiful photo as well. I feel a little cooler just reading this… I liked how you swerved like a drunk driver….

  11. Big smiles reading this one, we try so hard to value life. It reminded me of the Buddhist monks that swept their path as to spare insects but were then devastated to learn of microscopic life. Beautifully realized.

  12. The less you squish, the more life and color to see. A really nice ride, I would have enjoyed the scenery and I did. 🙂

  13. That photo is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! Wow. I love it that you zigzag to avoid maiming caterpillars….today I set a big moth free that was batting against a windowpane……..

    1. Wish I could say I took the picture but, I can’t. It’s in Canada but I found it online. Mind you our trees are just like these now. I have some pics saved on Photobucket but there’s so many I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for.

  14. As I am on the freeway most of the times, I can’t zigzag for butterflies…though seeing dead squirrels and snails trouble me ~ A lovely painting of the autumn season…

  15. I love how you zig zag to miss them!

    The fall colors are so beautiful and one of the many reasons why this is my favorite time of the year.

  16. So vividly portrayed and well-expressed. I could taste your words!

  17. Bren, I will zigzag for turtles and squirrels, etc., but I’ve probably run over my share of caterpillars. Not that I don’t love them; I simply don’t have your sharp vision.

    Looking out the window from my office, open again for biz after Computer Hell for a week, the colors are approaching their peak. It’s dazzling, but nowhere near as beautiful as your image.

    Oh, and I brake for humans in crosswalks, unlike most of the rest of the world, ha ha. Love, Amy

  18. , I wish the fall season was a lovely here as the picture in this post. I get where you were going everything has purposes so we must go on and live. nice.

  19. Beautiful picture…and I love the way you zig zag round the little caterpillars, must be quite a sight. We’re still waiting for the autumn colours to show here.

  20. I LOVE that you swerve for caterpillars…because I swerve for caterpillars…how could I not! I have a nervous breakdown at the thought of being responsible for snuffing out even the tiniest light…(not that, for some of the more sordid beasts, I won’t call on hubby’s inner caveman!) Just a fantastic road trip here today…with no carnage to speak of 🙂 And that photo…is brilliant!

  21. You either have great eyesight or huge caterpillars! I remember avoiding a few when a teen on a bike, but do not think I have seen any since–at least not the “wooly bears” who curl up to let us know how long the winter will be. I love the leisure and in between of this poem, and how many she cares with her as she goes about her day.

  22. Even letting the little thing live so the cat can have a snack, he likes that haha and swerving over there can be done with ease, better chance of hitting the trees hahaha

  23. the respect for life, no matter how miniscule is a beautiful thing bren…i am glad you made that choice…it is itself a celebration of life….love those fire trees as well…

  24. i’m glad you zig zag around caterpillars…shows a bit of your heart ya know…beautiful pic and oh we need open eyes to see…beautiful capture bren

  25. The golden leaves of Autumn were mesmerizing. Very different from the greenery over here. And over here brown leaves are dead leaves found on the ground. But to zig-zag on the road in avoiding the caterpillars can be risky though! Nicely Bren!


  26. Truly beautiful picture, Bren. So much like what I am seeing here. I am just awed by the season this year. The reds that I see here at the moment are primarily the maple trees. My eyes are wide open too.

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