Contemplating Life

A bit like:
‘Why did the chicken’
they cross the road around
the same time year after year
the grass is always greener.
Wishful thinking?

Cringing at the thought of crunching
I zig zag like a drunk driver would
but, it’s safe to do it here without
fear of causing harm or, calamity.

This may be their last escape
before death comes calling
everything has a reason for existing
…even them.

Zig zags back and forth completed
seeing no more
my gaze falls upon the trees
on either side of the road
Yes, autumn is in full swing now
colours so vibrant at their last
and suddenly I see the one lone
fire tree
bright bright red, colour of my passion
touch my heart and smile
remember waking up to the magic
of life, thank the Gods and you
for opening my eyes

I think of all the caterpillars
that I didn’t just kill and
thrill at the marvel of creation
as I drive a few more miles.


© Daydreamertoo      All rights reserved

*Yes, I do zig zag to not run over caterpillars crossing the road. As long as there is no other traffic on the road at the time.  Crazy… maybe.. lol

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