You never know whose lived
in them and…died
Leaving our ghost’s behind
(or, so I thought)
we walked through the front door
of an empty house for sale
and a child ran all round the
ground floor open plan

Kitchen, small room, half-bath
living room
(with a river view) and long passage too
but, she fell instantly in love
when she saw the stairs.

So sensitive
I’ve always been somewhat ‘aware’
Along the passages they come and go
impalpable impressions on the air
a sense of something moving to and fro

Wasn’t long after we moved
‘things’ began happening.
The child said:
“I think we have a ghost”
Which I dismissed as silly
yet knew
she was probably speaking true.

I’d hear bangs, drawers open
or close, doors too
see flashes of movement from the
corner of my eye.

Things which were impossible
to fall, would fall.
Lights would go off and turn back on.

I didn’t want to scare the child
and each time things were happening
with her I’d tell her she was
being silly, imagining things

Until I noticed the cold chill
almost at the top of the stairs
warm before and after it, and just that spot
was cold.
Then began to see light orbs both
upstairs and downstairs
but, kept it to myself
until she told me she was seeing
them and felt that ice cold chill
on the stairs too.

One day she raced down those stairs
and told me she’d just seen her mom

they say those that have passed
try to find a way of letting us
know they’re still there

Who knows.

We moved to another new home and yet
things keep happening… still.

Bangs, things fall to the floor
for no reason.
The dog gets spooked.
We see light orbs still, feel
a presence with us
see flashes of movement
the dog’s eyes ‘follow’ something
as if seeing what we can’t
yet, we come to no harm.

I’ve always told her
it’s someone who loves us
to never be in fear.

She’s happy with that
and we have learned to just
live and let live.


© Daydreamertoo                  *All rights reserved

*After Chloe’s mom passed away, we moved from that house into another one in the same village where we lived. When I asked a friend if she knew who had lived there she told me an elderly couple. The man had died, the woman had gone into assisted housing. The ‘tiny’ room downstairs was turned into a bedroom with a half bath and shower for the man who apparently had been too ill to go upstairs anymore. When I asked my friend if he had died there, she said she wasn’t sure but didn’t think so. That’s a pic of Chloe I took when we called in to see how the decorating was going. I liked the ghost pic above it because the stairs are on the left of the house, like ours were. She’d never lived in a house with stairs before so, they were such a novelty to her. …lol
Being only nine at the time, I purposely didn’t tell Chloe about anything that happened while she was at school or out of the house so that she wasn’t spooked about living there. It was only when she persisted in telling me about things happening with her that I told her some of what I knew was happening too. Once, she told me she had seen her mom, and after all of the things happening, I couldn’t say it wasn’t true. Told her if it was anyone who wished us harm, we’d be driven out in fear, but this was as if it was someone who loves us trying to let us know they were still with us. Thankfully in the end, she didn’t seem worried at all.
We still both see light orbs in our new home, have odd bangs, feel something ‘touch’ us, like a caress here and there. Or, feel as if our hair has been lightly stroked. We’ve both learned to live with it all now.
Since I learned how to meditate and go deep into it, I do feel that our bodies earthly death is not the end of it at all. So much we don’t know or, understand. But, I do tell her to always look towards the light. Have faith in goodness, love and the higher power. It’s there, we mostly just can’t see it.

So, there’s a ‘spooky’ real life story for you’all for Halloween

Italics line was taken from the poem Haunted Houses by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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The Dating Game

She reached for something that wasn’t there
flattery was all it was

he told her she has beautiful eyes
(which, she does)

told her she is so pretty
(which she is)

told her he never tells any lies
so she should believe what he says
(and, she did)


he did lie
he already has a girlfriend
and, was playing her.

There is a child in everyone of us

I know that ache of disappointment
she feels, as a teen with the world about to
open and
life is full of choices

hugged her and told her
‘plenty more fish in the sea’
chalk it up to experience
he was not worthy
some other boy will be.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

My girl met another boy she didn’t know the other day and thought he was sooooo ‘hot’ They exchanged cell numbers and were texting back and forth. He told her how beautiful she was and that he has never said that to anyone else blah, blah. Turns out he already has a girlfriend and some girls who know both him and my girl have told her he is such a player.
Of course, she was so down. I told her to forget him, focus on her schooling and future career, there’s plenty of time for boys.
Teenage disappointments and boys is all new territory for me…. *Gulps. LOL

That pic was taken last semester on a field trip. Chloe is in the center.

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Battle of the Sexes

Men think they hold the power
but we women know better.

Behind every great man
is an even better woman
who bound his shoe laces
helped him day by day
showed him where
his path should go
with a single-minded thread
and a wish he’d never be
the mother sends him on
his way.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*One of the shortest and quickest pieces I’ve written.
I truly believe that quote: ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’

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Never Ends

I sometimes laugh
believing smoke and mirrors
hides unspoken signs of
my physical pains.

Maybe you will never see
the other side of me
The side I choose to
keep ‘neath that surface
of the smooth veneer
I share.

Some have seen
the other sides

Those sides I try to hide.

The sometimes sad
and melancholy parts
that remember Oh so well
why it was I gasped

then, had to tell myself

…Keep breathing.

The side that knows
deep within, that same
passion still boils
(rages at times)
through want and need.

A flowing stream
rampant, rapid

Thoughts running wild
rivers wind and bend

Spinning and spinning
the world goes on

life teaches
willing students

I saw a tiny teardrop
changing history
as I watched it fall
to leave a memory
before passing from here
in such a fleeting moment

into a time which

never ends.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*I believe we are all multi-faceted beings and intentional or not, we show different sides of ourselves to different people.  For example, we behave completely differently at home with our family than we do with co-workers and such. Always been a deep, deep thinker.:)
With regard to myself I like to think I am s transparent as I can be.
I’m a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

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Pet Peeves

We do not share the same toothpaste.
Being neat and tidy
cannot stand mine squeezed and left
in all angles and put back all
scrunched up.

Get tired of one sheet of paper
left on the roll and always being
the one who has to change it.

Strands of long hair, everywhere
Cupboards, drawers all left open.

I find loud, obnoxious people
bad manners just the same
Loud music in cars
impatience and lying
people who don’t pick up
after their dogs

Too many pet peeves to name

and yes,

I know I’m not perfect 🙂


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

Fun prompt, thanks Mary

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iPhone Siri

In keeping with my love of technology and gadgets, I scoured our local buy, sell, trade, websites for bargains to upgrade my cell phone. Was using an old flip top LG. Went from that to a Blackberry, now through much wheeling and dealing, got my hands on an iPhone 4s and Siri talks to me.


Chloe convinced me to get a BlackBerry and I did, but have always wondered what the fuss was about over the iPhone.
After buying and selling a few BlackBerry’s, adding a bit of profit each time, I’ve managed to go from a Bold 9900 to the iPhone 4s for just $20. And so far, I’m loving it.
For those who don’t know, Siri is the voice activated thing that you speak to and it ‘understands’ you and does what you ask. I’m having problems with it understanding my mixed up accent though. I set it for English English, it got mixed up, set it for Canadian English, same thing. Set it for American English, it’s better but, still messes up, so, I guess it’s back to typing for me.
I said to Siri the other day, “I think you are wonderful.” Her reply: “I am only here to serve you.” Freaky eh!

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Wonder Webs

Beauty speaks to us in so many ways
sometimes we see, but don’t realise
we really should be in awe.

She offers us deep reflection to
calm that inner chaos
and is found in complex
or, such simple things.

Even ugly is its own beauty
if we close our eyes but
open our minds to see beyond
to the true.

The gifts we are given abound
all around us, everywhere.

I do not like spiders
but they create such a deadly beauty
in the living of their lives

the webs they weave
so intricate and bound to fascinate
a wandering mind
when, they appear like magic
in the morning dew.

there’s beauty everywhere
and we see it as such
when we choose.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

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Virtual Reality

‘We have stood the winds of time and fury
we have touched death and still we live’©
maybe in the aftermath of some other life
some other place and time
truth is left to dangle
lost within the lies

we talk to machines
(which now reply)
and labor is not what it
seems anymore

we’ll live in a virtual world
where everything is neatly done
though walls may crumble
(we won’t even know)
we’ll walk on water
because dreams are our reality

Life is still everything
soon we may wonder

was it ever real.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

**The prompt at Real toads was to borrow a line from a friend’s poem and use it as inspiration to write a surrealist poem of your own.
My good friend Freewind writes poetry and short stores at several websites including Hub Pages and also Opendiary The first line of my poem is a line from her poem at Opendiary entitled ‘My Sweet’©  but her diary there is set to be seen by friends only.

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

The pain of loving
when it dies can
hit like lightening
from the

One moment you’re in
ecstasy and ache
that sweetest

Head reeling from
the kiss.
You’ve never felt
such happiness.
It could be


Next moment


You’re in agony again
and moments such as
this should never be

It hurts so much that
you wonder how you’ll
ever stay alive…
let alone

It may still beat…
But your heart aches a
physical ache.
A pain that won’t go
away, and tears such as
those you cry could
fill an ocean from
your eyes.

And yet…
Life is love

Ohhh how you ache to
be in love….

and feel its

ecstasy again.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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The shy young boy took shelter behind
thick baskets of fern. Silent, watching as a
street artist and his monkey
turned the handle to play an organ
for the good folks outside the
Parisian café
(even if it was just for peanuts)

All happening on a friend’s recommend
with a hand drawn map as guide
they’d left their hotel,  had walked
a score of busy blocks or more
on his father’s quest to find and study
the finest hand made cabinet
which was both sturdy and, pleasing
to the eye.
It was his job you see, and
young Thomas Chippendale
already had the love of
touch, smell and working with wood
in his head and, from the smile on his face
knew it was also what he would do one day too
but his would be the best.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

*Although Thomas Chippendale  is very real and, also very famous for his fine Georgian period furniture , this is all fantasy which sprang from the word ‘cabinet’

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She used to play at ‘dress up’ all the time
either with her best friends or, alone.

Repeated my not-so-bad swear words
and, I’d blush for ever having
let her hear me say them.

I didn’t know that children are
such accomplished actors
until I began to use the word
then came the automatic water works
as if someone had turned a
non-stop dripping tap on.

The down-turned mouth
the sadness,
all so, so believable
until I’d cave in
and instantly triumphant
she’d shout:
“I win!”

Then, I knew I’d been had
and named her Diva.
Told her if she ever became an
actress she was bound to win
an Oscar one day
(explained what an Oscar is)

She is still very much a Diva
only now, so much more


©Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Since I learned how good she can be at it, my nickname for Chloe has always been Diva Chloe. In our old house, when she was nine, she had a habit of rushing off upstairs and would shout down to me not to look until she was ready. One day, she came down dressed up in these pictures. He best friend called to chat with her and I just had to get the camera out and take her picture. She said to her friend. “Oh wait a minute, I think I have to POSE.”  Those are white socks on her hands!
I couldn’t see for laughing.  She still cracks me up at times too. I hope she never sees this…LOL

Yes Mary all the world’s a stage and I have my very own actress on mine…. 🙂

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What bliss!
What happiness can exist in pure silence.

Peace sits well with silence
the music plays, light

offering reflection inside
each note.

Elusive sensations rise

There is more to life than we
may ever know or understand


lost in free flight.

A feather in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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Women in Binders

I’ve never been one to delve too much into the kinky side of things. Having suffered from it for long enough, pain does nothing for me at all, neither inflicting it or, feeling it. Being  claustrophobic, handcuffs have never appealed either but, this is a new and kinky sounding one to me.
Women in binders.


I am neutral on who I think should win but…. this was too good to resist. Haha

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All roads lead Home

You always come to me softly
in the softest notes I can find
to play at end of day
to reverberate the strings of my heart
touch the deepest parts which
still see me yearn.

I swim through life’s winding lanes
sometimes upstream others
never knowing if the next wave
will swamp or lift
to crest and seek another which
carry further along.

How far would you go?

Each time I think I’ve reached my own
the destination changes and
off we swim again


Logic dictates, that eventually
all roads lead to home.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

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Light and Shadows

Google Images

Light and shadows play across the room
branches from a tree seem intent on reaching right
in through the window

Darkness arrives to rattle the senses
and a steady stream of thought
refuses to slow down
enough for sleep
and soon you know this night
will never end

a mind-walk into the light
can calm and soothe the troubles
Take away that sharp edge of nerves
about what an uncertain future holds.

I used to fear what hid in
darkness and in shadows
but not anymore.

Hell is not the place we may
go to when we’re dead
sometimes it’s already here
among the living.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*My mind wandered all over the place with this. Had a huge unexpected expense with the car yesterday. For a while it
triggered that old fear of the ‘what if’ in my mind. When you are on a really tight budget  and you know you just cannot afford any extra expense and something like this crops up, it kind of knocks the wind out of your sails for a while but, life is what it is and, we go on.

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