It must be time for lunch now. Woodman New York 1979

Mom told us to hide
anywhere we could
because each week she knew
that he would do it.

We hid behind the couch
we hid behind a chair
hid behind anything
so when he got fed up of banging
and stared through the letterbox
he wouldn’t see us there.

We thought it such a game.

She always told us to be silent
not to say a word
because if the rent man heard us
he’d get even angrier and
shout threats
of police and of eviction

So she whispered to us
over and over
not to say a thing


our stomachs still insisted
on doing all the talking.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

*True story and, frequently all we had to eat was bread and gravy but, we can be victims all of our lives or, we can determine to lift ourselves up from it. Education is the key. Hunger is not just in other countries, it’s in yours, mine, everywhere.

Shared with Magpie Tales #137 It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979, by Francesca Woodman

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Hunger”

  1. I spent a lot of time hiding behind the couch…painful memories…

  2. Your Mag is incredibly creative … beautifully composed. I wonder how many times this scenario has played out … many I suspect.

  3. Hunger is constant companion to anyone whose been in poverty. A sense of innocence from the tone, but fear well-painted in the actions of the mother. The rent man seems like some kind of ogre too.

  4. wow. finally something clear, concise, and meaningful. You did what i aspired after and gave up on achieving. Gold star

  5. Hiding just for a little food in ones stomach, sad state of affairs all over, but as you say can sink down into it or rise above it.

  6. Living on the edge is always a tough existence. My mother-in-law shared similar tales about the war, in south London. Children do have broad definitions of games. (Thank heavens!!) I enjoyed your expressive words, Bren and I thank you for sharing the memories. =D

  7. a hard reality….hiding from the rent man and hoping the eviction notice did not come or that he could not deliver it….the stomachs talking, all too real for many living on what little they can….a fun game in a hard reality….

  8. YES, and sadly more and more people go hungry here, as the System, so top-heavy, begins to topple. You took me there, behind the chair, stomach growling. Been there, too. Love your note about not remaining a victim, and lifting oneself up. As you have done, as I have done. Wonderfully gripping writing, kiddo.

  9. This is stunningly perfect. An awkward phrase, but the only one I can utter after reading this. Hunger does indeed belong to all of us. Excellent, profound piece.

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