Coloured cloth flaps with a tenderness of breeze
and sweet smell of incense is carried in the air.
Chants and prayers continue uninterrupted
but fear grips a few peasants gathered
Sends them into frenzied scurries of flight.

With neutral ambivalence
and still evenly breathing
the holy man approaches the dazed one
hands him a china bowl containing water
which the soldier turns upside down
empties to the ground
whilst still pointing his rifle at him.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #76
Poets United Pantry #117

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. An elegant portrayal of passive resistance to the wrongs committed by other people, who often think that they are “on the side of the angels” because they have the force of an army behind them.

  2. I like that so much is left open and unwritten in your piece. It allows the reader to continue thinking about it.

  3. Bren, you set the stage so well for the unpleasant reality of everyday life in so many countries. Even the offered bowl of water is rejected, and knowing how precious potable water is, what an insult by the person in uniform. This moved me and then made me mad, which is what good poetry does sometimes, right? GREAT. Brill. Love, Amy (and glad to be posting again after BSOD computer breakdown!)

  4. Incredible and powerful… the end really packs a punch but the story continues on… it just says so much and stirred my soul, my mind, my heart… This isn’t just well written… it’s alive!

  5. ugh…the injustice of this….the might vs right….power vs people and humanity…in just a few short lines your vividly describe the beauty and the ugly….nicely done bren

  6. Amazing how they can sit through just about anything and stick to their guns, so to speak. Guess they sure have the faith.

  7. So it seems like the dazed one was a soldier who would not accept the gift of water from the Buddhist monk. Very sad…

  8. The teachings of the Dalai Lama have been a precious source of peace and power for many …

  9. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    I didn’t see the ending coming at all, there is a saying in Islam “Oppression is worse than Murder.” I hate to see Buddhists being attacked when the majority represent such spiritual and actual peace on this earth!!

  10. Each man trained to operate at his best trusting their so very different teachings to help them survive another day.

    While I know it is important to listen to the news – sometimes I do not trying to cocoon and protect what I have. And yet only action can help create true safety without promoting even the most indirect touch of disjointed negativity. I truly hope that one day a soldier can take water from a monk without fear.

    Thanks for your visit. Much appreciated. Sometimes the wordles take strange twisted paths…

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