Victor Victoria

I saw your smile through
the glass
gave it back with widest beam
for I care
even though we are little more
than strangers passing by
who say “Hi.”

You have so much past history.
So many stories you have told.


I’m still living mine, of
which you are now part.

Behind the happy smile
as our eyes met
your loneliess reached in
and matched my own.
Took me back to sadness
but, you carry your pains
with such a dignified

And as your light on Earth grows dim

I wonder…

Will I ever see that smile again
all too aware that you will never
know I shared such empathy
with you today.


© Dydreamertoo All rights reserved

This is a bit long winded but, needs to be to explain who this is.
Cat and I were in a superstore one day in our local town when an elderly man (in his 80’s) began talking to us and it was clear right away he was one of lifes rich characters.
He introduced himself as Victor/Victoria with a huge smile and a great deal of pride. Told us he used to be in amatuer dramatics and pantomime in which he was often cast as the ‘Dame’ hence, the nick-name Victor/Victoria and, for more than 25 years he played the part of Santa Claus in the superstore during the weeks running up to Christmas. The kids grew up and then their own kids, all visited him as Santa.

Victor/Victoria knows everyone, and everyone knows Victor/Victoria.
He walks, and walks, not really going anywhere, he just likes to be outdoors and trying to keep fit.

One time when I was back in England he saw Cat in the store and remembered me. I was the nice ‘girl’ with the Sweet English accent. Everyone gives Victor badges, he covers his baseball cap and his jackets in badges. This day he handed Cathie one and told her she was to give it to me. It was a badge celebrating 50 years of Queen Elizabeth 2’s reign. I was so touched that he would recall our meeting at all and would want to give me such a lovely gift too.

Next time I saw Victor, I’d gone to the local hospital to get some medical aids ready for Cat coming home from Halifax. Victor was pacing up and down the hallway. He was an in patient. He looked ghostly white but, soon as he saw me, the smile was there.
He told me he was having problems breathing because his heart’s not right, but he insisted, he would be fine and I joked with him and told him he’d probably outlive us all.

I saw him a few winters ago, even in the snow, still walking the main street, waving and smiling at nearly every car which tooted as it passed him by, including me.

I was at Tim Horton’s a while after that, passing through the drive through for a coffee and Victor was sitting inside eating. He looked much thinner and very frail. He saw me through the window, picked up his napkin, smiled and waved it to me. I smiled back and gave him the ‘thumbs up’ sign.

Although we’d smiled, for that moment, I was overwhelmed with such a sudden sadness. I will miss Victor/Victoria when his time comes to walk on fresh new ground.

Victor/Victoria is such a gentle, gentleman.

We’ve moved to town since then and I have no idea if Victor/Victoria is still with us. If he isn’t then, I’m sure he’s with the Angels.

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