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Our cell numbers were showing unknown number. Called technical support. Told him Chloe uses hers for mainly text messaging and BBM. I backed up her phone in case she lost her messages and said that she’d sent over 1,300 in less than 2 weeks
He giggled and said “Oh my”

No wonder she wanted unlimited!


When we first got our cell phones the SIM cards would not take our numbers for some reason. It didn’t bug Chloe but it bugged me that no-one knew it was me calling them. So, I called tech support and we chatted as he tried to find a fix for the problem. We got around to discussing Chloe’s texting… he really giggled when I said how many texts she’d sent in such a short time. Thank goodness I had thought to put ‘rules’ in place about times during the day and what time of night she can be on there until or, it would probably be in the millions by now.

We are creating our own technological Frankenstein monsters…*rolls eyes* LOL

Shared with G-Man’s  Friday Flash 55

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11 thoughts on “Texting”

  1. They are all so plugged in. I still remember days when you had to walk across the room to change a channel, and when you picked up the phone and an operator asked “Number, please.” Wow. I must be an antique!!!!!!

  2. well…I will no allow my kids to go unlimited and they are more trained to emails than texting…even though they are only 18 and 20…just the way I bring them up, I guess. they only text when truly important and call only when it is URGENT. lol..love your 55! Mine is here

  3. I just can’t wait to see what strange medical condition will arise from Mega-Texting…Time will tell!
    Loved your 55 DD2
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your unwavering support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. I don’t text, but now you’ve got me wondering. She does so much writing. Looking at it–are the texts saved?–it must seem poem like or tell some story . . . .

  5. well someone is getting their moneys worht out of that contract…ha….she could write a book with that many texts….smiles.

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