The Keeper

Ever silent vigil
‘neath a consipirators sky
no-one escapes her notice
through unblinking eyes.

The crescent moon bears witness
to her steady gaze….
amazed at her tenacity
and, consistent ways.

Sleek and quite unique
she’s always there on guard
hid amid the branches of
life’s tree….
(Her claws and paw prints
carved forever in those
swirling wooden circles of
nature’s history)

The wheels of time spin
on and on but who she is
and from whence she comes
remains her tale to tell.

I never knew she was there before
never saw those eyes
but, always felt the presence
of someone wiser than my
own foolish mind would
admit to caring too.


I can see forever in a
single glance, as she focuses
her mind on me
…the object of her love.

She came from my past into
these present times to
guard my fears…my worries
with her steady gaze and see me
through the troubles and trials of
these hardest living

She is a sleek and constant watcher
who made a ‘broken’ me feel whole.
She is the guardian of my life
feline….keeper of my soul.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “The Keeper”

  1. I fell in love with the tree of life line, then went back and read the whole twice.

    I have to admit now that my eyes ain’t quite what they used to be I had to click and enlarge to see it was a CAT, not an owl, which I first thought.

    Cats and owls, both pretty keen and wonderful observers.

    The hardest living days makes me want to send you a bunch of hugs.


  2. oo there is some really cool magic in this…i like that you can see forever through her….and her intentions as well, in making a broken you whole…smiles.

  3. How wonderful, better than a raven, a presence that is company and guardian, a friendly spirit. Amid all the possibilities of visitations, this is a winner.

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