Cento Poetry

Much have I traveled in the realms of gold
and many goodly states and kingdoms seen


What immortal hand or eye could frame
thy fearful symmetry.

Hail to thee blithe spirit


How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day


I wandered lonely as a cloud

So, do not go gentle into that good night
because I could not stop for death
He kindly stopped for me
the owl and the pussycat went to sea.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Poets in order:
John Keats, William Blake, Shelly, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson, Edward Lear

Stuff and nonsense by yours truly… 🙂

Shared with dVerse Poets Form for all Collage and the art of Cento

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “Cento Poetry”

  1. I love what you did with your cento…..and am sorry I missed this prompt because it is so darned intriguing!

  2. I read this with such ease. You picked some of the best lines. I love the summer’s day, death’s gesture, and the pussycat and the sea. Love the end! Great job!!

  3. This is absolutely brilliant, ticks all the boxes and makes a difficult exercise look easy. Why couldn’t I have done something like this? I’m green with envy – and admiration!

  4. Your special offering and it went down so smoothly! The advantage of having the notable poems at your fingertips. Nicely Bren!


  5. so do not go gentle…it is a risk to use such a well known line from such a well know poem because could be the reader then drifts to the original but i think you mastered it beautifully to bring us back with your closure..nice..

  6. a summers day where i wandered lonely as a cloud….smiles….lots of familiar lines in here but you spun them well together…your closure made me laugh too…smiles.

  7. And the pussycat would eat the owl making it howl. Never go quietly anywhere, that is the cat’s motto at his lair.

  8. Bren, I like these lines (many familiar) and how you arranged them, and the ending made me smile. Nicely penned!

  9. There’s good stuff in here by a great gallery of poets, sort of as if you uploaded favorite songs. I haven’t warmed up to the exercise yet. Maybe if we were writing in pairs and I gave a quote which is answered by one in a sort of dialogue?

    ps (I think it’s “thy fearful symmetry”)

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