How simple
life really is
if we have the chance to
make it so.

I don’t want much
there are no rough edges
on the colours of my need

it’s smooth, smooth, smooth.

Say the words I want to feel
and not those words I hear
in the silence of a heart
that waits again to share
peels of joy and laughter.

Tick tock, tick tock
that blessed clock I love to hate
beats out its measured time
reminding me

I too have numbered days.

I see creeping grey
and know its stealth in a
new wealth of historys lines

The chill of autumn
sits upon my tongue
and I savor the earthy taste
from the passion of a dream.

I don’t want to walk a maze
for life

want to be


I’ve had enough of lifes
rough edges

when they cut

they cut too deep and hurt too
much to try and stem the rush
of gushing blood in painful tides

so much

I wished to run and hide myself
away and never know
such pain again


without the pain
there would never be a bliss

No salvation from a
lovers kiss to thrill

to fill those aching wounds
and entice them back
to smoothness.


How Simple

all I want from life is



© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCXC1 Chance, Entice, Savor
Poetry Jam Arts Gonna Art

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “Simple”

  1. … ‘I don’t want much there are no rough edges on the colours of my need’ ~~~ I couldn’t agree more, simplicity is my middle name!!!

  2. such beautiful images…earthy…autumnal..and oh i want it smooth as well but sometimes we learn the most valuable lessons in the hardest times…well penned bren

  3. I want smooth, too! This was so full of wisdom and the edges of life.
    We all get into those corners and hope we can come out smooth. A bit worn, but appreciate more those we love and have loved~
    Beautiful n’ sad, but more so beautiful~

  4. this is exquisite, Bren! stunning and unique and with a longing i have felt. my wish for you is smoothness along your path!

    thank you so much for participating at Poetry Jam!

  5. Sometimes I say it and even think it…”how nice it would be to have a boring life”…instead of so much going on, the stress, the pain, the hurt, but you have said it so well, “without the pain there would never be a bliss”. Beautiful write, Bren.

  6. Really love this one, especially:

    The chill of autumn
    sits upon my tongue
    and I savor the earthy taste
    from the passion of a dream.

  7. I loved the idea of not wanting to walk a maze but wanting to be amazed. Sounds like a wonderful goal, something to strive for in life. Yes, simple is a good accompaniment to smooth as well!

  8. “Without the pain / there would never be a bliss.” And very few great poems, I think. There is a lot of wisdom is this well written piece. Beautifully done!

  9. i dont want to walk a maze i want to be amazed…ha…what cool lines…the finite number of days can be cscary or it can motivate us as well….lots of wisdom in your words bren…lovely words…

  10. I love the image of autumn on the tongue..a reminder that smooth can be difficult to get to..but worth waiting for..I hope..jae

  11. All I want from life is smooth..Me too..there comes a time when you know instinctively that you will not survive any more lacerations of the heart …I have reached that state.

  12. “there are no rough edges
    on the colours of my need”

    Even the toughest pain’s edges smooth in the erosion of our living. May you have smooth and smooth and more so as life expands–I’ve been noticing as the days are numbered, each is shorter in length but larger–vast–in spirit. I think we earn this somehow, or maybe it’s just love!

  13. Brenda, you really outdid yourself with this poem. Unbelievably, lovely. I was smiling, even tearing up.

    This line was truly exceptional:

    I don’t want to walk a maze
    for life

    want to be


    Wishing you smoothness 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful poem.

  14. Simple is the way to be most times, makes things a lot less hectic and smooth indeed. Plus it can be if we get rid of the wants and things we don’t need.

  15. Well, you sang this poem right into my heart. You are singing my song……we have simple wants, a desire for love, sharing and peace… would think it’s not that hard to realize…….but somehow it is. I love especially wanting to be amazed, and your closing line…….sigh. Absolutely beautiful, kiddo.

  16. The universal urge to simplify, well…, nearly universal. I know others like me who chase complexity and think the grace of a good dance in the middle of it all beautiful when there is time enough to play.

    My best love affair was so God awful complex and it really really hurt. I would do it again if I could roll everything back. It was just so beautiful.

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