How simple
life really is
if we have the chance to
make it so.

I don’t want much
there are no rough edges
on the colours of my need

it’s smooth, smooth, smooth.

Say the words I want to feel
and not those words I hear
in the silence of a heart
that waits again to share
peels of joy and laughter.

Tick tock, tick tock
that blessed clock I love to hate
beats out its measured time
reminding me

I too have numbered days.

I see creeping grey
and know its stealth in a
new wealth of historys lines

The chill of autumn
sits upon my tongue
and I savor the earthy taste
from the passion of a dream.

I don’t want to walk a maze
for life

want to be


I’ve had enough of lifes
rough edges

when they cut

they cut too deep and hurt too
much to try and stem the rush
of gushing blood in painful tides

so much

I wished to run and hide myself
away and never know
such pain again


without the pain
there would never be a bliss

No salvation from a
lovers kiss to thrill

to fill those aching wounds
and entice them back
to smoothness.


How Simple

all I want from life is



© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


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