Tryst with Destiny

© A wooded path in autumn Brendekilde

Mist comes down but
she walked through her own
clouds of trepidation
on crisp, crackling leaves
which played their last musical
notes underfoot.

She waits on the seat
serene and still in Autumn’s chill.
Her romantic tryst with destiny
has as yet, to be.

She hasn’t cheated on her husband
nor betrayed family
but when he is cold, sterile
and new eyes engage, sparkle
The heart begins to breathe once more
and play impromptu rhythms.

Life isn’t about what happens to you
it’s about how you handle it.

At last after years of marital suppression
after years of being taken for granted
maybe she waits for the comfort
of true love.

And yet
…and yet.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

35 thoughts on “Tryst with Destiny”

  1. and yet…

    there is a peacefulness to this piece and yet…

    I love the opening stanza. “her own cloud of trepidation” and the musical sound you describe.

  2. Oh, I love the end of this. It leaves us with the question of how she will handle this dilemma. Nice, how you depict the reality of being human.

  3. So beautifully expressed – I love the ending “and yet, and yet” – I think you are onto something very deep here – those moments where split second decisions are made that have the potential to change everything…

  4. love the open ending, and yet…and yet…so powerful a close…the reflections that lead in are strong, and the verse before that, combine to form a well crafted piece with well-defined sections..really enjoyed the read. thanks

  5. So beautiful and wistful… I want to know what happens! And yet, and yet… The first stanza is absolutely fantastic. I could feel her mood, her feelings… it was like being taken into her skin… I always have wished I could literally look out through the eyes of another and that’s what this poem was like for me. I wanted to highlight my favorite line but I would have to highlight the entire poem. I enjoyed this very much.

  6. i can feel how torn she is in your words…. and it’s true, it all comes down to how you handle it.

  7. Wise and Lovely. best advice I have heard today, “life is how you handle it” good one D

  8. You’ve created a classical scene in this poem that raises so many questions…and that image makes me want to visit the UK. But then, that’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. (Still having probs with the elbow…finally broke down and made an appt with the orthopedic doc…we’ll get that interview done some day!)

  9. a trap many fall into where they believe the grass is greener, but then discover those feelings follow the around

  10. and yet..and yet…not an easy decision…so enticing maybe but usually costs a high price as well…
    …Life isn’t about what happens to you
    it’s about how you handle it…. i like that much…deep wisdom…

  11. one def needs to think through…though it is appealing to have that attention, i understand that….but what will make the next one any different, what got you there in the first place…its usually not a one sided issue either….oy serious verse today…smiles.

  12. Life seems unfair! A wonderful wife but he didn’t reciprocate. Why can’t there be divine balance of wanting to share on all counts.? Well thought out Bren!


  13. Different people respond to different situations in different ways. Some for the better and some not so much. An enjoyable read.

  14. Cardiac dysrhythmia at the thought of being unfaithful 🙂
    Love it. When he finally turns up, he’d better take her out somewhere warm indoors for a nice meal first, after all that crackling underfoot in the cold.
    You set a nice scene, Brenda.

  15. It’s in the hesitation in which we examine our morality and allegiances where the real decisions lie. Lovely how you capture the changing moods in the air.

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