festival of the Roman God of fire
occurred just the day before

People traveled to the town with
their precious bundles of gifts
Offerings to please this God and
ask that their corn, still in its husk
and other crops, would not be burned
by summer heat.

The air was damp, heavy as
a storm approached and lightening
flashed in streaks across the sky
if only they had known so much worse
would soon follow.

It began with a low rumbling
and then the ground shook
so violent, it seemed that all
four corners of the world had their
bolts ripped out and were being
folded in by an angry God
as the temperature rapidly climbed

Suddenly Vesusvius erupted
spouting out her fire and rocks
high into the sky.

Taken by surprise
many were instantly trapped
and died in a flash as the volcano
rained down a mountain of ash
’til nothing of Pompeii remained.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

* This is where the wordle words took me this week. The word ‘Ash’ did it.
The Vulcanalia  annual festival was an event to try to please the Roman God Vulcan. He was ironically, the God of volcanoes too. It was with the hope that during the hot summer months, their crops wouldn’t catch fire from the heat of the sun. This festival supposedly occurred the day before Vesuvius erupted. Didn’t help to save Pompeii though. Apparently Pompeii was buried under about 10 feet of volcanic ash.

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