The Sign

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I woke to face another gloomy day
waited for sunrise to set the clouds on fire
A bird squawked its solitary call
as if joining me in this reverie.

Despite such wretchedness of mood
my mind insists on embracing the unexpected
as the day gets underway.

Driving to the store all too soon
another gray gloom descended
and rain played a symphony
with wipers on the screen.

Talking to you
(weeping with the rain)
to no-one
to anyone in the ether
who would hear

in desperation
I said aloud:
‘Send me a sign so I know
I’m not alone
Not talking to thin air.”

No sooner had the words
left my lips
right ahead appeared
a sign

In the midst of the dark
despondency and gloom

You sent a rainbow.

© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*This happened a few weeks after my later partner had passed away.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: The Unexpected

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “The Sign”

  1. I love the symbolism and mythic significance of the rainbow. To me it seems like there are moments in each day that remind us we are not alone, then there are the times which we feel a special and unexpected connection to something greater. Those surprises are precious, how beautiful you experienced one recently.

  2. Some believers take the OT literally that a rainbow is a sign of promise that Yahweh won’t kill every woman, child and living creature off the planet again. I prefer your more pleasant talking rainbow.

  3. Gosh Bren, rainbows are so special, cool, rainbows as symbolism since the inference to the covenant promise of God in Genesis, to the modern interpretations as rainbows bridging the earth and a better place, a beautiful surprise …

  4. Oh, the moments a rainbow appear are sometimes the perfect ones. I’m so glad you got that sign. After my mom died, the radio played a song we used to sing in the old days, Skeeter Davis, “The End of the World,” corny but so unexpected, as though the DJ knew I needed it. And then a good cry…

    So sorry for your loss, and glad you wrote this. Keep looking to the skies… Peace, Amy, and here’s my dverse poem:

  5. I like rainbows. They never fail to cheer up an otherwise gloomy or grey day rainy day. A rainbow reminds us the sun is still there and the clouds are letting up, I guess. 🙂

    Feeling glad after read this poem.

  6. Beautiful write Bren–lots of things in life cause us to look closer, deeper–and when we do, despite pain and sorrow, we often get what we need—this piece warmed me

  7. smiles…glad you got your sign…we def need those reassurances at times…esp in the midst of the storm to know we are not alone facing it….very cool bren…

  8. Oh I love those special moments that seem to be sent just for you. Beautiful poem, loved ‘Talking to you
    (weeping with the rain)
    to no-one
    to anyone’ as I think we can all identify with those moments can’t we?

  9. oh nice…love that the rainbow appeared just when you needed it most..not always easy to embrace the unexpected..

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