Never Again

 People use fences for different reasons.
To keep something safe within, or

For something far more sinister

As a child we were taught, and shown
barbed wire fences with masses of people
behind them
Eyes sunken, hollow, dead yet, still moving
dressed in striped pajamas
men, women and children
all wearing skin over bones.

I listened as the world said:
‘Never again’
and, totally believed it
until I saw those fences again in Bosnia
men gathered behind them beaten
skin and bones
sunken eyes, ribs all showing
speaking of brutal injustices
to them and to their women

and I cried

because I knew
nothing had changed

and because of man’s inhumanity to man
it will keep happening
again, again and again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*This fence has never left my mind.
Because of being closer to Europe the Bosnian/Serb/Croatian war  1992-95 was given a lot of news coverage on UK TV. When I saw the live footage of this guy in a Bosnian/Serb camp…I cried. Although the Bosnian Serbs denied it was a concentration camp it sure looked like one to me and to everyone else.  I had always believed that after the mass genocide of the second world war it would never be allowed to happen again and yet, there it was.
Yes, I wept for the loss of sanity, compassion and love of fellow man.

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Older than time

Chloe had a music assignment. She had to answer questions about the 1950’s and research what TV shows were popular then, what actors, best movies, what type of songs and the names of some singers or groups famous then too. She recently heard ‘The King’ and then came the insult:
“You’re older than Elvis, right?”

Sometimes I think she thinks I’m older than time itself….LOL

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