Between the Lines

There is so much unsaid
in the margins and
between the lines
It looks like blank paper
yet, isn’t


if we use the other side of it
have we already turned our backs
on the past in that tiny particular move.

Beyond the blue, black and white
what’s drawn me to you for
more than a little while
yes, so much more than a
little while
(a whole lifetime it seems)
is that endless need to feed
a hungry quest

To see those  unsullied blank lines
fill them full of rich imaginings
and maybe then
the tree which gave up its life
will not have died in vain.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “Between the Lines”

  1. Their beauty speaks well of how much more that we garner from it and to keep planting them still is the least we can do in our effort to create. Beautiful write.

  2. “if we use the other side of it
    have we already turned our backs
    on the past in that tiny particular move.”

    wow. this made my jaw drop and mind swirl.
    thank you so much for this!

  3. beautiful. I admit, there are times when I use every space possible, between the lines and in the margins.

    I liked the pondering in the “other side” stanza.

  4. There’s so much subtle beauty in this – an understated richness that is hard to achieve. Lovely!

  5. Love the care in the use of the paper, especially the meaningful bit about turning the paper over, writing on the other side. Provokes pondering, an insightful read. 🙂

  6. the tree which gave up its life
    will not have died in vain.

    How much had been sacrificed that others could live. Nice thoughts Bren!


  7. The story of a love will always be recorded both on the lines and between them. You’ve told it beautifully, and I know the tree would be proud.

  8. I love the image of the tree not dying in vain for the paper of our lives… there is so many layers to this. I like the questions you ask… when we write on the other side have we turned our backs on the past? It conjures many questions… and then the need to feed the hungry quest… brilliant, brilliant. This poem stands out.

  9. Okay…confession time (and you may call me crazy) but do you know what I TRULY love? It’s the back side of the handwritten page….the feel of the words coming thru with no ink, the way it ripples against your hand…okay, so it’s been a long night! 😉 This was truly a wonderful read that brought out a real urge to hit my journal…and guess what…I’ve a brand new pen 🙂 Awesome Bren!

  10. Paper should not be wasted …I always love a fresh, new, empty page of paper …Makes me thinking: Water should not be wasted either … I feel guilty I wash my car via carwash … I guess that’s why my car is always the dirtest one in the lot … 🙂

  11. Turning like the leaves the tree freely gives… a metaphor that serves the message well. This poem likely describes many of us. Writing, our first and longest love, our most reliable lover, our most evocative relationship.

  12. A well-balanced and personal discussion on the merits of writing versus the loss of the trees to make the paper. (Maybe that’s one good thing about electronic gadgetry, eh?)

  13. love that you bring it back to the tree…the things between the lines..the turning our backs if we turn the page…great images..

  14. ha….some cool lines in this…the turning the page/turning our backs…cool…and the tree not dying in vain as well in the end….really nice verse bren…

  15. I sometimes think that what is between the lines and unwritten is more important than what is written. There are always messages in spaces and blanks and what is unsaid in conversations. So true though that paper should not be wasted though.

  16. The poor tree never did nothing to thee but you scribble on it like crazy, how rude haha yeah lots can be read between the lines too, plenty can be said at my zoo.

  17. wow, Bren! How beautifully spaced–one side, the other, the urgency to write and the death of the tree not being in vain. I love this! Some favorite lines: “so much unsaid” “It looks like blank paper / yet, isn’t” “is that endless need to feed / a hungry quest” and the entire 2nd an last stanzas. Have I left anything out?

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