BlackBerry Bold

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Acutely aware of the difference
between want and need
I’ve scoured the local
buy, sell, trade sites for
any bargain cell phones.

Found two that were such good buys
(after some friendly bartering)
and today, Chloe and I
sent our very first BBM’s.
(Blackberry Messenger Service)

She was jumping for joy as we
got it all set up and she began
texting all her pals to let them
know she’d joined them in their
world of cell phone instant messaging.

I’m slower than a snail when it
comes to all this tiny keys on cell phones
Heck, I’m enjoying it too and
smiled inside when I saw her
texting away and glowing
with happiness.


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*Chloe has told me for ages that if/when she got a cell phone it simply HAD to be a white Blackberry Curve because they were just the best! Until she saw the Blackberry Bold I managed to get last week, and then the Curve was no longer the best phone in the world. It took a lot of patience but, I finally got us a decent phone each and, today a decent priced monthly plan too.
BBM has just been accepted into dictionaries as a proper word… Amazing! LOL
As we go into the cooler months and then once winter arrives with the sub zero temps out in the middle of nowhere in a car, a cell phone is a must here. Until now, I’ve used an old pay-as-you-go LG phone but, I do love my gadgets 🙂

I was so thrilled to see her literally jumping for joy. Not that any of her pals would ever know she did, she’s way to cool for that…LOL Kids!~!

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

25 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold”

  1. Nice take on the prompt…my nieces are much the same…iPhone this, iPhone that…..but like the way her happiness made you happy

  2. Oh! I should have written about my first cell phone! It was about the size of aa loaf of bread, weighed ten pounds, and my first bill was $400. (I exaggerated on everything except the first bill)
    Love this poem!

  3. i really feel a cellphone has become a necessity for emergencies, especially for teenagers.

    the first week my granddaughter had her cellphone, she texted me many times a day. now that she has a boyfriend…. not so much. {smile}

    i had to buy a new laptop and new cellphone less than a month apart~i’m only on page 37 of the cellphone manual which i am going through IN ORDER because i didn’t do that with the laptop and broke it immediately. sheesh! the new phone is a non-smart {though clever} blackberry-style phone that is completely different than my old phone. i feel like an idiot with it. ah, well…. eventually i’ll get it, right?

  4. It’s their world today, the world of constant connections and instant shares. 🙂 I still prefer the simple cell phone for phone, and still don’t text unless it’s something really important, keeping social things to computers only. 🙂

  5. I am so happy for both of you – I am enjoying her joy just reading about it….she will now be Cool, like everyone else and that is worth whatever the monthly bill is. You are a great mom, Bren. And I love it that you waited till she was sixteen and she had to wait a bit, it makes the joy so much the sweeter,.

  6. I feel so out of it. I still have a “dumb” phone… I’m resisting the new technology, not sure why … I do have a laptop though …

  7. Yeah they do come in handy for those winter storms and when one’s computer breaks, not sure I’d ever jump for joy over one though haha

  8. ha its a whole new form of communication you know…i have a dumb phone pretty much…i need one…maybe…or that might just get me in all the more trouble….smiles.

  9. Cell phones and me have a weird relationship. I see it on tv, and have to have it, but realize the one I currently have is perfectly fine, yet still wanting this new technology, only to constantly remind myself, oh, I’ll get that when this one is no longer functional, but when that day happens, I no longer want that previous object of my affection…really like the potential for metaphor here as well….thanks

  10. Someday I’ll modernize–but I doubt I’ll text. My thumbs will be done working before someone talks me into that one. My personality is simply too addictive.

  11. Very cool, Bren! I had a Blackberry Tour for a while and loved it; now I have an iPhone and love that too. Yours (and Chloe’s) lives will never be the same. I love ‘gadgets’ too. Enjoy!!!

  12. smiles..nice to see them so excited and nice that the two of you can instant message together now as well.. i was terribly excited when i got my first smartphone and it literally changed my world a bit..

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