Downing Street

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. We saw someone along the street, thought she was coming out so we waited. Others saw us waiting and started waiting too… within an hour there was a crowd…police arrived to keep the crowds back but nothing ever happened. I took a pic of the crowds waiting…knowing we started it!


It was raining, and like idiots we stood there waiting for SOMETHING to happen and then before we knew it others started joining in too and it ended up as a police-controlled crowd, all waiting for nothing to happen…. Was too funny.

I also used to get a BIG kick out of deliberately looking up at the sky….(at nothing) and keep doing it…then watching as everyone else starts to look up to see what you’re looking at…it’s hilarious…to watch and know you started it… LOL

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  1. Oh this is hilarious! Reminds me of the Occupy movement in Vancouver…….my son, who has schizophrenia, got involved and, of course, did not follow the Protocol. He stood up and announced: “Everyone who wants to March, meet over THERE in five minutes!” A crowd formed and he led them thru the streets of Vancouver, stopping traffic and requiring a police presence and no one knew that they were following someone completely unofficial. It cracked me up – he was on the evening news!!!!!

  2. Been there, done that …so true … so funny … so frightening … that’s us peeps, eh?

  3. are so wicked and adorable. I love your post. Make me smile. Great job! Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME WEEKEND!

  4. Scary what people will do when led, who we’ll follow. Funny, yet frightening. I hope I’m not too easily led. Thanks for sharing the story. Some time ago… Thatcher was. Unfortunately she always reminds me of Reagan.

  5. bwaahaaahaa… crazy but sounds fun!! Well I n my best friend often used to become cross- eyed if we were to pass by the guy giving us the looks. I still do that at times. Gives me a good laugh 😀

    weekend hugs xoxo

  6. DD2….
    The Brits have been doing this for hundreds of years….
    Much Ado About Nothing!
    Loved your trend setting 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. I remember those games, more as victim than perpetrator, but I always found them funny. Now if I am in a line for more than a minute I ask the one in front what the line is for!

  8. haha too funny…i might have to try this though i bet they would not be happy once they found out…lol…time to just slip away into the crowd at that point….smiles…

    hey i made an attempt at a sonnet finally…brutal….

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