Memories in a Bag

As young child it fascinated me

It was an old blue leather handbag
even then
not worth a penny
yet contained priceless memories.

Pictures of my family
Some so old time had turned them
to sepia.

Little cards the nurses gave
telling date, time, weight and sex
upon the moment of birth.
Envelopes with locks of hair
a few poems on scraps of paper
from yours truly.

Theater programs, cinema tickets
school swimming certificates
bracelets, smelling salts
my mother’s most prized possession
a pair of Oh so delicate fine lace gloves
which were her mother’s.

A bag of magic to me as I’d ask if
I could get it out of the cupboard
and then she’d talk about this person
or that event and, her eyes would shine.

It was the only thing I ever asked for
of hers if and when she died
never thinking that it would
come to pass so suddenly
and now ever since 1989 the bag
and all of its memories
became mine to treasure too.


Β© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*Memories are priceless and worth so much more (to me) than material possessions.
You can only see some of the pics and cards and such there that I scattered to take the picture but, in the bag are dozens more.
The pic in the bag of the man holding the baby is my father and …me πŸ™‚

Shared with Poetry JamΒ If I could have just a moment
Poets United Think Tank #114 Timeworn

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Memories in a Bag”

  1. Brenda, so wonderful!! I love the photo and the poem. What a wonderful time to sit and share with your mom. A very loving write, thoroughly enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh I know. Memories are golden, worth more than millions of dollars. When I see a purse like that, so richly laden, I want to come over, have a cup of tea and hear all the stories……maybe we can start using the occasional photo from our stash to trigger a poem……

  3. Daydreamer Too,

    I read your poem and connected with it so well. My mother had an old brown leather case, filled with photographs….I often spent time with her looking through them.
    Sadly when she died, it was though the case died too. I never set eyes on it again…..Claimed by a younger sibling.


  4. What a bag of precious memories and loving souvenirs ~

    I love the personal share Bren ~ It is a treasure indeed ~

  5. “A bag of magic to me”
    Oh yes. You have articulated not only what is in the bag, but also what touching the bag and carrying it and opening it meant for time with Mother.

    I think when I see my mom and dad next weekend, I will ask if we can take out the box and the albums. The last time I did this had to be back in the early 1990s when they were the age I am now. Thank you for the suggestion.

  6. I am so touched by this piece. That literal bag of treasured memories is utterly priceless. Thank you for sharing the image, the details, your story.

  7. Like but don’t like … because I want to forget … lucky you, if you want to remember, my friend. Love, cat.

  8. nice to have a bag we can go to to reminsce, somewhere most people have something, mine is mostly in my head with all the voices haha

  9. Bren, it is so wonderful that some of these special MOMENTS have been preserved, and you can look back at them whenever you wished to do so. TheTIMEWORN blue leather handbag certainly holds beautiful treasures. I don’t blame you for asking for it. A very nice memory poem.

  10. nice…i can so relate and it has passed on to my kids as well…the tangible bits of memory…when i worked at a camp we made these medicine bags we always carried on our belt to collect them as well….

  11. Bren,
    I loved what you shared! I love the photo, the snippets of all the gathered mementos of memories~ It was wonderful and I am so happy you have it…just wish not so soon! I too feel the warmth of this gift and the way you portrayed it! Magical~

  12. A bagful of priceless treasure … no hunting involved! This is so warmly and lovingly composed ……….

    1. You are so right:
      Objects are memories too, like photographs.
      And they don’t need to be works of art or precious stones.

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