When God was a Woman

Throughout history there have been
women who’ve rebelled.

Some were burned as witches
stoned as harlots for
their radical thinking.
Many met an early death
through man’s fear and need to
keep women subjugated.

The hinge to it all
is power.

With almost lethal cunning
woman was blamed for
original sin
The first temptation
and ever since
she has fought to clear her name
to gain back her rightful place
as an equal, side by side with man
and not be forced to walk behind him
become his possession
a part of his estate.

Merlin Stone
author, sculptor, art and history professor
carried out ten years research
wrote a book about
the ancient cover ups, challenging
long established doctrine
and even dared to call it
‘When God was a woman’

Thank goodness for rebellious women
who won’t be bowed
and who won’t settle for being
second best when it was never
meant to be.


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When God was a Woman  A write up on the book at Amazon

There are so many Gospels that have been ‘lost’ ‘hidden’ secreted away’ and called heresy or, blasphemy, by organised religion. The Gospel of Thomas is one, and the Gospel of Sophia another in which they speak of such technological things, like what is out ‘there’ in the universe, of our spiritual side and of people being transparent and such. These were written during the time of Christ and would seem to offer so much more genuine truth about our past and yet, these have been denied and called heresy by the churches. How can something written by a man (Thomas) who actually knew Christ, be called heresy? How could they have such advanced knowledge of things over 2,000 years ago.
With my ever questioning mind, it all fascinates me and, I do not believe the (religious) powers that be have ever been truly honest. So, you could say that I’m a bit of a rebel in my thinking too and, you’d be right.

The Hidden Gospels

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “When God was a Woman”

  1. I might be the lone dissenter … I do believe the role of “Father” and “Mother” have their places, make sense… but abuse of power never does, and that is usually the problem. They way I understand it, the Bible was “defined” only when false writings came about. Now, did some true ones not make it in due to lack of “proof”? Possibly. But either way, it all boils down to “love one another” (love as a verb! 🙂 I respect your thoughts and enjoyed your poem, especially :

    and ever since
    she has fought to clear her name
    to gain back her rightful place
    as an equal, side by side with man

    It rarely is pointed out that all Adam had to say was “No”! Saying yes makes you equally guilty in my book.

  2. a very interesting piece. the roles of women and men are so vast and different throughout the world. but truthfully I wonder if equal is even possible when as you said “the hinge to it all is power.”

  3. Although my God has no gender, I do embrace the idea of viewing God as female. I was raised with the “Daddy God” concept, all the while my own father was molesting me. Also, I think of the Holy Spirit as The Divine Sofia, Wisdom… and my encounters with her have been so comforting. I’m a leftie, so my theology is very counter-culture. Thanks for this, and for the info on the book. I’ll check my library! Peace, Amy

  4. Fabulous! I’ve always thought the native North American “earth mother” sounded more like a creator than a god of fire and brimstone whose priests considered women second-class.

  5. Very interesting perspective! I always wonder how it is that other religions have female gods but some insist that God must be male.

  6. there is no “true” HIStory, including the bible, as every written word was last written by man and skewed to his agenda.

    and, yes, you are one bad-ass rebel babe!

  7. Not sure if my other comment will show up, so I will use this opportunity to elaborate a bit on how I appreciate this piece. It captures the burn of the rebel spirit and meets that with a delicate wisdom. In example:

    Thank goodness for rebellious women
    who won’t be bowed
    and who won’t settle for being
    second best when it was never
    meant to be.

    Thanks for posting on my prompt. Viva la

  8. I am smiling ear to ear over here. You’ve really embraced the burn and holler of the rebel girl. Thanks for posting on my prompt!

  9. You too are a rebel: Picking All of the Silenced and misrepresented and maligned instead of one! And I love it. When God was many women . . .

  10. I know nothing about gnosticism, so I googled – wow, there is a new and intriguing segment of Christians to learn about….thanx…And I really enjoyed your poetry…..

  11. Enjoyed this perspective. Though in traditional Christianity God is male, I really consider that God is sexless your poem gives power to the female component of God which is valid as the male.

  12. Fascinating subject. Love the way you included the examples here, not overt like sometimes I feel references in general can be, even in my own work sometime I think I could’ve cited or used a reference better, but the way you used them here, is a tribute to standards to be aspired to. Again, fantastic write, and definitely fascinating in theme. Thanks

  13. From the Old Testament: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” From the New Testament: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Both in the image of God (a clear statement of the feminine in God), both one in Christ (a clear statement that gender has no bearing on spiritual possibility). Not sure how Christians strayed so far from these thoughts, except that those in power usually cannot control themselves. Anyway, thanks for not pulling punches and writing some nice lines!

  14. we are all human…and that should def be the measuring stick…looking back at our history it is pretty sick how power has come into play and what was done to different people based on their gender, race or social status…

  15. it is sad that some men’s need for power lost history and made women have to fight for the right to be themselves.Great post daydreamer Ilove this poem.

  16. Yeah organized religion is a load of crap, imo, just meant to keep people under ones thumb, deciding what is and what isn’t truth, pfft right!

  17. I LOVE this post, and its title……..very intriguing info in your process notes too. Interesting there was a woman disciple.

    Luckily women are strong and cant be kept down for long, no matter how hard a patriarchal system tries. But it is an ongoing struggle, just to achieve parity.

  18. Well before Christian times, god was a woman across most of Europe, the divine Earth-Mother. This age of patriarchal deities is past its sell-by date.

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