When God was a Woman

Throughout history there have been
women who’ve rebelled.

Some were burned as witches
stoned as harlots for
their radical thinking.
Many met an early death
through man’s fear and need to
keep women subjugated.

The hinge to it all
is power.

With almost lethal cunning
woman was blamed for
original sin
The first temptation
and ever since
she has fought to clear her name
to gain back her rightful place
as an equal, side by side with man
and not be forced to walk behind him
become his possession
a part of his estate.

Merlin Stone
author, sculptor, art and history professor
carried out ten years research
wrote a book about
the ancient cover ups, challenging
long established doctrine
and even dared to call it
‘When God was a woman’

Thank goodness for rebellious women
who won’t be bowed
and who won’t settle for being
second best when it was never
meant to be.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

When God was a Woman  A write up on the book at Amazon

There are so many Gospels that have been ‘lost’ ‘hidden’ secreted away’ and called heresy or, blasphemy, by organised religion. The Gospel of Thomas is one, and the Gospel of Sophia another in which they speak of such technological things, like what is out ‘there’ in the universe, of our spiritual side and of people being transparent and such. These were written during the time of Christ and would seem to offer so much more genuine truth about our past and yet, these have been denied and called heresy by the churches. How can something written by a man (Thomas) who actually knew Christ, be called heresy? How could they have such advanced knowledge of things over 2,000 years ago.
With my ever questioning mind, it all fascinates me and, I do not believe the (religious) powers that be have ever been truly honest. So, you could say that I’m a bit of a rebel in my thinking too and, you’d be right.

The Hidden Gospels

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