Ad Infinitum

In shriveling leaves I leave
my yesterdays to
another place in time
to lay within their cool
crisp, morning grasp.

Autumn begins to change into
her cloak of many colours
each, a pure beauty to behold
despite unwelcome new chills.

So many questions, still
and yet
we cannot really ask the questions
until the answers are known.

I meditate
gaze into a powerful silence
hold a million thoughts
inside those leaves which
dance upon the breeze.

You take your leave
in silent ways too
new splashes of colour appear
and none can stop the changing

Life spins in endless cycles
of birth, life, death
as our spirits too flow

ad infinitum.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Autumn Chill is in the Air

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “Ad Infinitum”

  1. Superbly written Bren! Autumn is part of a bigger cycle of death and rebirth.

    In shriveling leaves I leave
    my yesterdays to
    another place in time

    Such a wonderful way to begin this piece!

  2. Changing of seasons is spiritual and renewing. Glad to be moved out of the drought. But reflections are not always pleasant. I enjoyed your write and cycling. I have great views to share this fall.

  3. I love autumn, and I love your play on leaves. Perhaps we cannot really ask the questions, but this is a wonderful season for meditating on the answers “ad infinitum.” Thank you.

  4. One can’t help but think of the the changes particularly at this time of year because they are so evident every day..and you did a beautiful job describing them…

  5. The constant cycles – whether we’re part of them or not – with this particular season history seems to always jump up on that bright colored screen. I was thinking of the Romans only this morning and here – ad infinitum – through infinity for us all – I think it’s why we write. Lovely!

  6. we cannot really ask the questions
    until the answers are known.

    A conundrum this, of the sort that poetry should set from time to time.

  7. Life spins around and we can only respond to what’s coming! It may be hot or cold but we determine our destinies. Nicely written Bren!


  8. This was Beautiful and an enchanting read. you have such pretty way with words is the best way I can explain it, like lace or silk.

  9. Yep round and round we go even when we are long gone, each year something new with that same seasonal view.

  10. Yes the chill, And by the time we’ve figured out the departures and the questions waiting for answers, it is next year and here it is again. Still, it’s better than the alternative.

  11. Beautiful poetry of Autumn…”I leave
    my yesterdays to
    another place in time” < love that line…very evocative 🙂

  12. The pic is holding me captive, Bren … peace at last … that’s what I’m feeling … and want so much … I have the money, honey, if you have the peace …

  13. ad infinitum. love this…yes…nothing and no one can stop the change…we have to embrace it and let it carry us with the cloak of many colors

  14. gazing into silence holding a million thoughts inside leaves dancing upon the breeze..such an elevating thought..thanks for sharing this poem with a touch of infinity.

  15. the circles ever spin….much like the seasons…they make for a great metaphor…i love your thoughtfulness though….the ponderings on the leaves….the questions awaiting answers to be asked….very cool evocation of the season bren…

  16. Yes, autumn IS beautiful despite its chills…which I think about in a metaphorical way. Interesting that we really can’t ask the questions until we know the answers. Autumn – a part of the cycle of life indeed; and thankfully it continues to repeat and teach its lessons each year!

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