Ad Infinitum

In shriveling leaves I leave
my yesterdays to
another place in time
to lay within their cool
crisp, morning grasp.

Autumn begins to change into
her cloak of many colours
each, a pure beauty to behold
despite unwelcome new chills.

So many questions, still
and yet
we cannot really ask the questions
until the answers are known.

I meditate
gaze into a powerful silence
hold a million thoughts
inside those leaves which
dance upon the breeze.

You take your leave
in silent ways too
new splashes of colour appear
and none can stop the changing

Life spins in endless cycles
of birth, life, death
as our spirits too flow

ad infinitum.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Autumn Chill is in the Air