Selling ice

I did not have sex with that woman, or that one, or that one or that one.
No wait, that wasn’t Bill Clinton, that was Herman Cain.
Not American, I’m neutral when it comes to USA politics but, watching
Bill Clinton’s passionate speech the other night, am convinced he could sell ice to the Eskimos


The other night I was so impressed with Bill Clinton’s impassioned speech. I could see why he was elected twice and thought his speech excellent in both what he had to say, his passion and obvious sense of humour. He certainly does still have a lot of charisma.

G-Man’s Friday Flash 55

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17 thoughts on “Selling ice”

  1. well, he is a very charming and superb intelligent guy. Great take on this one!
    Mine is here

  2. Style for sure! Substance? My jury is still out. As you say….. ice!! 🙂

    Yet, I bet he can still dance up a fun storm too and wail that sax.


  3. He’s talented that’s for sure. I hope his dishonesty does not filter through all he does. But I think not, we all have a tinge of darkness. His was just so highlighted. His true talents hopefully are sincere

  4. Funny you should post this…
    I’m FAR from being politically inclined, but by some fluke I DID watch his speech. In my opinion it was the best speech that I have ever seen!!!
    I’d vote for Billy again!!!
    Loved your 55 DD2
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Yeah I have to agree, he could sell anything to anyone. Except maybe denying he diddled around haha that never worked out too well.

  6. He is a very talented man, incredibly good at retaining information and using it to inform an argument; he’s also just so good at crystallizing or distilling down a complicated situation. He was so stupid to get into the situation he did personally; and kind of cowardly I always thought not to either (i) simply shut up, or (ii) tell the truth initially. But I think he was probably overly confident of his abilities. k.

  7. Very interesting, and very right! We *do* make for quite a world spectacle every four years, hey?

  8. LOL, I told someone last night that the way he moved that convention hall full of Dems, and those of us at home watching, he could talk a lot of people into a lot of things, and can see why Monica agreed to the mischief with the cigar. Of course, I always loved Mr. C.

  9. bill is an interesting guy….a high approval rating outside the office, he does a lot of charity work, i wonder if to attone for his sins…he does have a lot of charisma

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