Red Symbolism

So beautiful
this bright red leaf
passion lying there
on the ground

I feel coolness beginning now
snap at naked heels
Mornings arrive
but the sun takes a while
to say ‘hello’
as mist marches down the path
like ghost’s I’ve loved
come from the past
all arriving at once

Overwhelmed in the floating grey
I watch it hide trees from view
and fight an insipid autumn sun
for possession of her sky


nature sings its song
through thickness of the stew
ignoring all the ghost’s still
intent on play
but the sun in all her glory
was stronger than its might
and won the fight without a
word to say.

Trees shook off their shroud
and once again stood proud

The red leaf is dying
life goes on and
the past we’ve known is simply
somewhere we have been.


© Daydreamertoo                  *All rights reserved

*Yesterday I saw the most perfect red leaf on the ground. Not a bit of it was any other colour but red. I thought it so beautiful but, was reminded it was also so sad because it was so beautiful in its dying.

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