A rose in bloom

5th Birthday

Delicate bud that I know
so well, my duty was to
watch you grow
Such a young and
precious thing
it’s time to spread those
Time to hear you sing
your song of life.

Unfold those petals
the ones which are shaping
making you the
beauty that you are.

Fragrant and slowly
gaily dancing in a
banter of breezes
placing smiles on faces
and pleasing others who
gaze upon such a
wonderous site.

By no means perfect
(for nothing ever is)
but in my eyes
you’re really quite

And to those who might
just fall in love with you


You will stun them with
the charms that you’ll
soon learn are yours
as you reach your element
grow into the fullest
of your bloom.

And as I watch you grow
I feel as if I know some of the
pangs of motherhood
without the pain of ever
giving birth.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

16 now

*We all go through life facing many personal challenges. I’ve faced quite a few in my time, I thought the biggest one was nursing my late partner until she took her last breath and then the challenge of letting her go but, the biggest challenge of my life so far, has been raising Chloe. I first met her when she was 4 years old and, have been raising her by myself since she was 9.  I had no idea that parenting was such a challenge because, in as much as I’m trying to teach her about love, compassion and, caring about others instead of being selfish, she is teaching me what it takes to be a mother.
She is 16 now and, we’ve made it this far. LOL

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “A rose in bloom”

  1. having actually given birth to Chloe wouldn’t make you any more her parent than you are now ~ it’s through the day to day decisions and trials and loving and caring that a parent is made. she looks beautiful and happy with that great smile ~ i’d say you’re doing all right, Bren!

  2. positively lovely. I admit I have an affinity for flowers blooming–roses in particular–but even had I not, your use of such a delicate entity to describe the one you hold close to your heart would have still been beautifully touching.

  3. This is such a treasure, Bren, you’re both so fortunate to have each other through the loss and through the shining life… well written.

  4. This is beautiful, Bren, and so is Chloe. How sad for you to lose your partner, but what a precious gift for you, to be able to raise her daughter.
    I’ve never given birth but there are two young people I consider “my kids” and I know I’ve learned much about motherhood from each of them.

  5. Parenting is such a daunting task. She’s a lovely young lady, and I’m sure she’ll grow into the beautiful woman you want her to be. This poem is going to long be her favorite.

  6. A beautiful poem, and a great testament to the fact that the bond of love is just as important (if not more so) than the bond of blood.

  7. Beautiful thoughts–there are no guarantees with children, and (unfortunately) no recipes. About all we can do is add a generous dose of love. It looks like you’ve got that covered! I wish you and Chloe many happy times to come.

  8. oh this is so beautiful Bren…..it is really challenging….and you are right as Mary said its a two way learning…..

  9. Beautiful sentiment Bren! She is adorable and I’m sure you both are doing excellent! Motherhood is a wonderful thing.

  10. My dd is 15 now, I’d I feel much the same way. I tell her she’d cute. She says I have to say that because I’m her mom.

  11. Oh yes, the challenge of parenting, of knowing when to let them fly on their own and when to hold them close (or how to do both at once). It is a constant struggle. Thanks for taking on this prompt.

  12. parenthood is def not for the faint of heart….it is a learning process the whole way through….and you will never get it right all the time….and you dont have to give birth to be a mom…

  13. “You will stun them with
    the charms that you’ll
    soon learn are yours”

    She is so beautiful! Some of her charms will indeed be love, compassion, and caring because she has you.

    Your poem is very moving.

  14. You remind us that mothering is not simply giving birth perhaps..there is pleasure in nurturing..much pride..mutually so I expect..unique is a wonderful word..unconditional love..beautiful..jae

  15. What a beauty she is and, Bren, the happiness in her face tells me what a loving and wonderful mother you are to her. This poem is so touching, so beautiful, and I hope she carries it in her heart forever – along with the confidence that being well-loved by you has given her. Wow. I so love to hear about happy kids!

  16. This is so special, Bren. Such lovely internal thoughts about a special person. Thank you for sharing them with us. Motherhood is a challenge, and particularly tough if you’re doing it alone.

  17. She is blooming under your care ~ You don’t have to give birth to feel motherly or bonded with those whom you care for. I also like that both of you are learning from each other ~

  18. YOU .. are what being a parent is all about! Chloe is one lucky teenage girl! I am so sorry you had to endure the pain of losing your partner.

  19. I definitely believe the parent/ child relationship feeds off of one another. In other words, we learn as much from them as they do us. You are doing a great job! Is she driving yet?

  20. Never know what life with throw our way, but surely sounds like at the end of the day you are both helping each other through whatever may come due.

  21. Oh, indeed parenting is indeed a personal challenge; and one doesn’t have to have given birth to be a mother! And nice that you can both learn from each other what you need to know!

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